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[Games] Name These Characters 2
Hello, welcome to Name These Characters 2!The first competition didn't have many participants, probably because I didn't clarify in the beginning that it was supposed to be a competition (lol)!Also, the deadline was far too long..and I eventually forgot about it. I am coming back to say, that the smaller the participation is, the less time that the participants will need. That's a no-brainer, but I didn't think of that. So I'm going to try again. I asked you guys to give suitable names to fictional characters..I can only pick one winner. So here were the results:1. I asked you to name the shy woodland fairy who's element is grass..I love the creative answers, you guys! But the prettiest one, in my opinion, was Auxeliana, submitted by Hummingbird Brook.2. I wanted to know what you would name the college professor who loves her students, but doesn't get enough alone time. The name I liked the best for that character was Irene, chosen by Molly. Short, simple and scholastic somehow.3. The best name for the archer, in my view, was Caspian John Grier. It all flows really good together. So Halihali wins that one. But I'll give Hummingbird Brook credit for taking note of the fact that he's in love with apples. I mean, William Alfred Appleton? I also like Kristoff James Abbot by Averyleddy. This category was hard for me to choose a winner for 4. You all named the baker who loves his difficult job and made his friends look like complete haters. The winner is...Oliver Britton, chosen by Cher529s. I just think it reminds me the most of a baker. I appreciate that it's not Italian. People always refer to Italian bakers as if they're the only ones. So, way to go.5. The name for the female ruler who couldn't care less about what her family thinks if her..that was the most difficult. All of the names were very regal. To be fair.. The Hummingbird Brook was mentioned in most of the categories. And I do think that Maria Elizabeth Katharina Theresia Victoria Alexandra von Sonderburd is pretty straightforward: "I am a noble; my name speaks for me. I am powerful. (Also, screw you mom and dad.)" Honorable mentions are Lady Ginevra from Averyleddy (you're the only one who used Lady! Credit!), Karenhappuch for it's singular flare, chosen by Belpheobe, and Maxime Astrid Solveig chosen by Halihali, for it's dignity.Hummingbird Brook is the overall winner.
___________________________________________________Today is December 30, Thursday 2021, right? I'll give you guys until January 13, Tuesday 2022 this time. That should be enough for 8 people lol.1.Name the goth girl who wears black and white, and only comes out when it's dark.2.Name the mechanic who can't wait to retire so he can return to regular family life.3.Name a vampire who died around the 20th century, and is still angry because he died in a car accident.4.Name the cross country skier. He loves the adrenaline rush. But he has to be careful; he suffers from asthma attacks. Yeah, his folks were dreading his career choice..5. Name the gardener. Nothing makes her happier than planting. She likes puppies, but she's very allergic to dogs! It's a good thing that she isn't allergic to coffee, though. That's what she needs in the morning.
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Doing this just for fun!1. Jules Azalea Drizelle
2. Anthony George Potweaker
3. Vincent Yamir Aneal
4. Noah Sebastian Everly
5. Marigold Allegra Deecaph
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Rosalie Blake Rivers
Robert Everett Oak
Ambrosius Penn Symeon Danvers
Flynn Lockwood
Zofia Clare Nightingale
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1. Drusilla Anastasia Hathaway. Her favorite place is the local cemetery, but what can you expect when your mother's maiden name is Addams?
2. Gerald 'Gerry' Kowalski. All his kids have moved out, but he can't wait to spend time with his army of grandkids.
3. Eugene Christenson. Do not point out the irony of his last name having 'Christ' in it. He is very aware.
4. Brandon Hayashi. He would have won that race if he hadn't almost died 30 feet from the finish! It's cool though, there's always next year.
5. Dora Menéndez. The eternal voice of reason and eye of the hurricane in her hectic family. She complains, but secretly enjoys that everyone comes to her for comfort and advice.
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1. Carmilla Sylvette Ravenswood a.k.a. Cammie
2. Jordan Collins
3. Benjamin Russell a.k.a. Vampire Ben
4. Nevada Harrison
5. Rosaria Rina Raines a.k.a. Rosa
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1. Onyx Patricia Tartanell
2. Thomas Guy Geerd
3. Micheal Edmund McKinley
4. Benjamin Nicholas "Ben" Hickerson
5. Scottie Melissa Steeder
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1: Scarlett "Scar Noir" Ericson
2: Louis Dickinson
3: Magnus Everard
4: Charles "Chaz" Huntington III
5: Rowena Blume
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1. Mallory van Houten a.k.a. Mal
2. Antonio Lopreste a.k.a. Tony
3. Chester Smallwinkle
4. Bjørn Hansson
5. Felicity Rosecliff
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1. Joan Meadows, Joanie to her parents, much to her dismay, and Ravenna Bloodworth to her peers.
2. Steve Johnson. Steve isn't a nickname for Steven, he's just Steve.
3. Valentine Hartley. He died just before the first World War started.
4. Schuyler Pennington III. Sky to his friends, though he spells it Schuy. Which looks atrocious.
5. Golda Blumenthal. Goes by Goldie. Was named after her grandmother.
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Raven Leblanc
Ernest "Ernie" Morrison
Athan Ectorius
Henri Daudin
Camellia Gardner
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