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[Opinions] French Female Names
What do you think of these names?
OdetteWhat are your favorite French names?
Bonus: What would you name this woman?

If you are unable to view the picture, it is of a woman with a towering 18th century French up-do. She has two beauty marks (or patches).
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I like Avril, Coralie and Odette Favourite French names Delphine, Suzanne
Madame Marguerite
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Avril- Better than April, bit not nice as Averille.
Azélie - it reminds me of the football song "Up There, Cazaly".
Babette - A babyish baby
Cerise - Too close to "serious"
Coralie - I like Cora
Faustine - All I can see is the word "forced" at the beginning
Léonie - Ok on a child, but not an adult
Ludivine - Probably my favourite on the list
Margot - Rhymes with 'escargot'
Odette - I'm on the fence here. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don'tMy favourite French names are Etienne, Maximilien, Matthias, Gilbert, Mathilde, Noemie, Clotilde, & GuinevereI'd call the lady in the picture Clotilde Vera

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I love Coralie and would seriously consider using it IRL. I don't mind Leonie and Margot. My favourite French names are Michele and Solange.
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I've gotten fonder of Solange now that I've heard the correct pronunciation. In the past, I mentally pronounced it with a definite -je sound, which was wrong and made it sound like a vegetable.
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Avril - I like that -ril ending.
Azélie - pretty and stylish.
Cerise - I adore the colour, but it's insubstantial as a name, imo.
Coralie - makes me think of corals and saccharine Rosalie. Although there is nothing wrong with it, I prefer it as a middle name.
Léonie - it seems everyone likes it. I don't care about it, even though I love Leo.
Margot, Odette - these elegant ladies are my long-time favourites, (but I prefer Margo to Margot). My favourite French names:
Top 3 girl names (for today):
FleurI would name this woman — Gabrielle Olympe Jeanne Marie!
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Évodie is really cute!Gabrielle is lovely.
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Now I want to know how you would name this Madame!Also, I tried to find the meanings of these patches/beauty marks/mouches. This is what I have found:
Quote By the corner of the eye was known as passionate;
By the corner of the lips was called a coquette and was considered flirtatious;
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Originally, I was thinking of Marguerite for her in honor of the protagonist of the Scarlet Pimpernel, but it didn't seem quite right. Maybe Léonie Avril Odette? The meanings of the patches are interesting. I saw this image showing the placements and meanings, but I don't know how accurate it is.

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Yep, I've seen something similar!
Hm, I named her in honour of Gabrielle d'Estrées* and Olympe Mancini** (with no particular reason))
Léonie Avril Odette - I must admit, is more romantic.That was fun! Thanks!
* a mistress of Henry IV of France.
** Cardinal Mazarin's niece.
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