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[Games] End of the Alphabet CAF Initials
Surname: Yale, Yancy, Yardley, Yates, Yeager, Yoder, York, Young, or any surname beginning with Y
DH: Wade, Wallace, William, Windsor, Winston, or any name beginning with W
MN: Tavish, Teddy, Tennyson, Terence, Thaddeus, Thomas, Thorvald or any name beginning with T
DW's initial are ZZZ.
DW: Zara, Zelda Zelia, Zelie, Zinnia, Zipporah, Zita, Ziva, Zoe, Zoey, Zola, Zora, or any name beginning with Z
Surname: Zahn, Zappa, Ziegler, Zima, Zingel, Zook, Zyma or any surname beginning with Z
Kids Surname: Dad's name, Mom's name, or some kind of double last name
Kids initials:
Pet (any domestic animal): Uberto, Umbrella, Umpire, Uncle, Ulysses, Umar, Unique, Unity, Ursula, or any name (word) that starts with U
Feel free to change the spelling or pick names not listed as long as you keep the initials.
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DH: William Thomas York
DW: Zahra Zaynab ZamanDC1: Xanthia Odessa York
DC2: Venetia Vega York
Pet: Umar the cat
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DH: William Thomas Yale
DW: Zara Zelia Ziegler
DC1: Ximena Octavia Yale
DC2: Vivian Viola Ziegler
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DH: William Tavish York
DW: Zinnia Zelie [Zorrell] YorkDS: Xavier Owen York
DD: Violet Victoria YorkPotbelly pig: UmbertoWilliam & Zinnia; Xavier and Violet + Umberto the potbelly pig
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Surname: York
DH: Winston Thomas York
DW Zara Zivia Ziman
DC1: Xanthe Ophelia Ziman-York
DC2: Vincent Valor Ziman-York
Dog: Umi
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Surname: Yancy
DH: William Thaddeus Yancy
DW: Zipporah Zoey ZymaKids Surname: Yancy-Zyma
DS1: Xaime Otto Yancy-Zyma
DD2: Valentina Violeta Yancy ZymaDturtle: Uberto
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LN: YoungDH: Walter Thomas Young
DW: Zena Zelda[Zyma]YoungDS: Xavier Oliver Zyma-Young
DD: Violet Valerie Zyma-YoungDdog: Ulysses
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DH: William Theodore Yale
DW: Zara Zoe [Zimmerman] YaleDS: Xander Owen
DD: Vera VirginiaDcat: Uma
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DH: William Thorvald Yancy
DW: Zita Zelia Zahn
DD1: Xenia Ophelia Zahn
DD2: Vivica Veronica ZahnPet (dog): Ulysses
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DH: Wilbur Tracey Yardley
DW: Zella Zilpah [Zimmermann] YardleyDS: Xerxes Olivier Yardley
DD: Vivienne Vashti YardleyDCat (Persian, f): Uma
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LN: Zappa-YeagerDH: Wallace Tennyson [Yeager]
DW: Zipporah Zelda [Zappa]DD: Xanthia Orianna
DS: Vangelis VulcandDog (Husky, m): Ulysses

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DH: Winston Theodore Yates
DW: Ziva Zipporah ZahnDD1: Xenia Orli Zahn
DD2: Verity Vered Zahn
DCow: UlyssesWinston and Ziva with Xenia and Verity, and their cow Ulysses

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