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[Games] Name These Characters 4 fellow potato sandwiches. Welcome to another installment of the noncommittal game show: Name. Those. Characters! It's REALLY noncommittal. There is, like, no pressure at all. If you're doing this to win, then that's fine. don't win anything except an honorable mention. If that's what you're looking for then be my guest! Please don't take it personally if I don't pick your name. I love most names...and that's the whole point of this site: to express our interest in them. And since you don't win anything, you have nothing to LOSE.So, enjoy.1. Last time you had to name a girl who was a wizard book junkie. The best name that I saw was Elfreda Suzanna "Elfie" Blackwood. Great job, Lumi! It sounds mysterious, but not too overdone. I also like Cassiopeia Lillian "Cassie" Ridley chosen by Averyleddy and Mirabel Agnes Shirley chosen by Glentia. So graceful~.2. I wanted to see what you guys would come up with for an introverted gas station employee who knows what his customers are looking for. Theodore Michael "Terry" Carter was my favorite. I love how you somehow got Terry out of Theodore. Its quirky, Glentia.3. Then, you guys had to name a beautiful surfer who knows how to paint the environment. Lumi chose Amihan Rachel Dimalanta. It's really beautiful and it flows really well. Honorable mention: Sierra May Kwong from TheAmazingRasberry.4. What about the circus clown who loves making people laugh with his ridiculous wardrobe? His name should be...{this one was hard} Joseph Amos "Jojo" Quibbley submitted by Averyleddy. It sounds really lively, as a clown should be. I also like Edward Matthew Sparks "Sparky" from Lumi, Patrick Joseph "PJ" Pelletier from Hummingbird Brook and Robert Marcus "Bopper" Carlson from TheAmazingRasberry. Nice clown aliases. I didn't even consider that! 5. For the determined reporter who tells real and compassionate stories, Cher529s chose Kirsten Kaye Winchell. It has such a fluid, professional ring to it. I also like Avery Kristina Hunter chosen by TheAmazingRasberry and Alethea Natalie Cortez by Lumi. Just lovely.The winner has got to be... Lumi, for having the best name for the third category and getting 2 honorable mentions! And a close second is TheAmazingRasberry for getting three honorable mentions. Averyleddy and Glentia are tied for third place for having 2 honorable mentions. Well done.Everyone did a good job! As always, I appreciate your participation. Let's make things more interesting this time..
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here are the new characters:1. What's a good name for a genderless scuba diver who's always looking for the next greatest underwater adventure? (I recommend choosing a name that either sounds like it could be unisex, or has already been verified as unisex. I mean, they're genderless.)2. What would you name a mermaid who suddenly realizes that she's meant to be the queen of the sea. (A supernatural character again, yay!)3. Name the moody guy who despises Brussel sprouts and spends most of his time net-surfing. He also has a secret obsession with baking cookies. (Tell no one or he'll lose his mojo.)4. What's the name of the architect who's about to construct the largest tower in the world? (You can choose whatever gender identification you like for them! Can't wait to see what names you guys will come up with. Good luck. )5. Name the author who's about to publish their best book yet after a long hiatus - because they found out that they were going to be a parent with their new partner! (You can also choose the gender on this one. Let's see how you guys will use this freedom.)If you guys have any suggestions for future characters, you can share. I read all replies. Who wants to name a transgender character? They can be male to female or female to male.
I'd like to hear your opinions. Let's all be nice to each other.^^^^^Have a nice life~

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1. Peyton Charlie Temenscingson
2. Angelica Lianna Elsman
3. Jonah Tyler Sterling
4. Jordan Samuel Wagner
5. Darcy Amanda Leah Jackson
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1: Alix Carmo Montero
2: Darya Nerina Armistead
3: Martin Barnabas McAdams
4: Ardeshir Hormoz Khoroushi
5: Jacqueline Agathe Charbonneau
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1: Charlie Ellis Fitzgerald
2: Neptunia Atlantica
3: Austin Lindsay McRae
4: Cambria Celestine Castle (she either goes by Cami or CC)
5: Elliott Vincent Marc Boswell
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Neptunia Atlantica is the best mermaid name !
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Thank you for coming. :)
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No problem, this is a fun game!
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