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[Opinions] Character Names
Hello everyone. I'm looking for names for two characters in my book. One is the older sister of the main character and the other is a younger sister. The older sister is twenty-seven years and has a five year old daughter named Margaret and an eight mo boy named Henry. Her husband is a doctor and they are wealthy. The younger sister is just married and is pregnant. Her husband owns a newspaper business. She is twenty-two years old. Here is the family, in case you need to know:DH: Walter Sherwin (54 yo)
DW: Annamarie Sherwin (50 yo)
DD1:___________ (27 yo)
DD2: Abijah "Abbie" Sherwin (25 yo)
DD3:____________ (22 yo)
DS1: Christopher Sherwin (12 yo)
DD2: Josiah Sherwin (12 yo)The book is set in 1870s, so any suggestions from that time period?
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Susanna, Catherine, Bethany, Elizabeth, Grace, Rose, Hannah, Faith, Joy, Hope, Josephine, Naomi, Ruth, Rebekah, Lydia, Esther, Rachel, Sarah, Laura, Miriam

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I'd name them Millicent (Millie?) and Lydia.
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