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[Opinions] BAs
Here are some BAs taken from Nameberry, with siblings in brackets. Please comment on both the new names and the sibling ones!Brynn Caroline
Gwenllian Louise (Redford Tolliver)
Irina Colette
Merit Elina (Brody Ronald)
Xanthe Jane (Eleanor Ann)
Humphrey Robert
Lyric Zephyr (Sequoia Orion)
Obi Axelmasculine list:
feminine list:

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Brynn Caroline: Decent.
Gwenllian Louise: Gwenllian is complex but also okay and Louise is a beautiful name.
Irina Colette: I like it. Classically European but with elegance and its even somewhat intriguing.
Merit Elina: I read the story behind this name. The girl when she grows up should feel very lucky to have such a meaningful name. Anyhow, I’m not a very big fan of the name Merit but it’s cute and I can see the appeal. Elina is gorgeous, though I prefer the spelling Alina. It also together looks very good. Well done to the parents.
Xanthe Jane: I don’t have much of an opinion on the name Xanthe but I don’t really like it. At least she has Jane when she grows up.
Humphrey Robert: Somewhat handsome. I like it.
Lyric Zephyr: I forgot, is this a boy or a girl again? I don’t care for Zephyr on a girl but Lyric on a boy is decent at best. Cant say I like though.
Obi Axel: Apperently this kid was supposed to be born on Star Wars day or something. Obi is okay, Axel is very nice.
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Lyric Zephyr is a boy.
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Xanthe Jane is very sweet. I'm not a fan of quite a few of the names, but they are actual children so that will be that from me.
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