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[Opinions] Birth Announcement
A classmate from high school had her baby this morning. They named her Magnolia Sue and they are going to call her Maggie/ Maggie Sue. Her mother is a Susan so I am assuming that Sue is after her. I'm honestly sick to death of middle name Sue. In my region it's been overused like the likes of middle name Anne for over 40 years now and I'm just not a fan. At least 5 girls at the top of my head in the school we grew up in had the middle name Sue for example. I might have preferred Magnolia Susan or Magnolia Suzanna I think. I like Maggie and Magnolia, but I think I might have used Nola over Maggie perhaps to mix it up. Wdyt?Please rate my "Names I would Use" list & "Backup Favorites" list. Feel free to rate some of my other lists too if you have the time.

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Haven't met any one with the name Sue since school days more than a decade ago, Maggie Sue kind of vibes southern US, as double barrels go, its inoffensive. Magnolia is sweet, Maggie is fine.
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Might seem cute while she is a baby but I'd bet you a pie that she will drop the Sue before she turns eleven.I like Maggie, and Magnolia is alright. I like Sue as a name, but as a filler-middle/tacked-on name, it's about as appealing as chunks of celery suspended in cherry-flavored gelatin. The opposite of refreshing.Magnolia Susan would be my pick from your suggestions.
Suzanna or Suzanne would be nice too.

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I’m fine with Magnolia Sue, it very pretty although a bit tacky. Maggie Sue sounds like a 50s housewife with big, bulky glasses. Not only is it dated, but it’s very nerdy! As doglike as it is, I would’ve just called her Magnolia or Maggie on it’s own. I don’t really like Sue as a middle name, but it’s whatever, not many people will see it anyways.
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I don't particularly care for Magnolia, but Maggie is nice. Sue on the other hand is completely bland and boring. Magnolia Susan would have better, I agree

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Magnolia Sue is solid. Soft, floral, and pretty. Maggie Sue? No thanks. I assume Sue has sentiment to them so I’m not gonna trash on it even if it is overused, Magnolia Rose would’ve been beyond tired and a missing opportunity. Anyways, I’d give Magnolia Sue a 7.5/10. Not bad.
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