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[Facts] Does anyone know anything about the history of the name Zusia?
So hello, I was searching a lot of times but I wasn't able to find anything that would help to understand where this name came from.
I found pictures of religious Jewish leaders or their Wikipedia pages.
I was thinking it came from the word zis/zus in Yiddish but I saw today that it's spelled like זושא and not זוסא/זוסיה.
Before that, I saw that this is a Polish diminutive of the name "Zofia/Zosja" which confused me a lot.
In my small research, I found about female Jewish partisan named Zosja Jamaika.
Later I found other female bearers of the name.Do you think this is one name or two names? what do you think might be the origin or meaning of this name?
if you have any other information that might help me, please share
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Zusia is most likely a variant of Zuzia (a diminutive of Zuzanna), while Zosja is most likely a variant of Zosia (a diminutive of Zofia).
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