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[Opinions] Latin American BA
Colombian singer Camilo Echeverry and Venezuelan actress and singer Evaluna Montaner welcome their first daughter - Índigo; which is the Spanish form of Indigo.Personally, I'm surprised they chose that name, since it's extremely rare and relatively new in Spanish-speaking countries.What do you think of Índigo / Indigo?

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I love it in theory, but not in practice. However I would definitely use it for a character!
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Ugh, I still don't see the appeal of the name, on either gender. And it sounds even more masculine in Spanish. Weird choice.
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It sounds masculine in Spanish because it is a masculine adjective. The fact that most masculine words (especially adjectives) in Spanish end in -o doesn't make it any better.And I agree, it's a strange choice. If they wanted a colourful name for a girl they could have chosen Iris. Or even Celeste! :/
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