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Rosemary Frances, younger sister to Cora Beatrice. What do you think of these combos? What would you name a brother and a sister?They strike me as gentle and intellectual, very respectable, the firsts more original than the middles.I'll go with Rosemary Frances, Cora Beatrice, Virgil Nicholas, and Daphne Philippa. 🕊️❣️🌻💌🌻❣️🕊️masculine list:
feminine list:
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I honestly hate the name Rosemary. And Frances.
But I like Cora and Beatrice
Love the combo Daphne Philippa!
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I love both combinations, but I don’t care for Frances. For a brother, I’d use Peter Anthony. For a sister, I’d use Darlene Winona.
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I loooove it. Rosemary & Frances are two of my favorite names, and they’re lovely together. Cora Beatrice is also nice, and two more names on my PNL.
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Very 1930s, both remind me of Agatha Christie books Rosemary Frances, Cora Beatrice & Robert Anthony "Bobby", Eileen Jacqueline (Rosemary, Cora, Bobby, Eileen)Rosemary Frances, Cora Beatrice & Annabelle Lizzy, Pierce Hugh (Rosemary, Cora, Annabelle, Pierce)Rosemary Frances, Cora Beatrice & Lavinia Bridget, Griffin Noel (Rosemary, Cora, Lavinia, Griffin) Rosemary Frances, Cora Beatrice & Edward Charles, Angela Genevieve (Rosemary, Cora, Edward, Angela)
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I like Rosemary Francis but not Cora Beatrice. I like Beatrice Cora better although I don't like Beatrice at all.
Brother: Keith Jeremiah
Sister: Alice Evangeline
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I love them both! With a slight edge to Rosemary Frances, which is pretty and feminine but with a strong edge. I'd name siblings: Frederick Bernard and Georgina Louise
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I think they're both solid and, as you pointed out, respectable combos. I've recently become more fond of Rosemary: I like its gentle yet down-to-earth vibe.A brother and a sister of Rosemary Frances and Cora Beatrice would be...Theodore Julian & Sylvia Elinor
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I dislike Cora, sounds like a squawking bird; the other names are fine. I'd enjoy Coralie Beatrice, so I'll run with that.Coralie Beatrice
Rosemary Frances
Philippa Marianne
Adrian Thomas Michael
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They go okDaphne and william
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I like Cora Beatrice, I don’t care for Rosemary Frances.
Rosemary Frances, Cora Beatrice and Eloise CharlotteRosemary Frances, Cora Beatrice & James Henry

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