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[Opinions] Family BA! I'm an aunt again
My sister and her boyfriend recently welcomed their 3rd child into the world. A little girl named Allison Rose, born 7 Ibs & 7 oz.
She joins siblings: Anthony James (10)
Skylar Polly (15 Mos) Middle names are all honoring, including Rose, as it was our mother's favorite flower. 🌹No doubt inspired by that sentimental fact, rather than just a filler, can't-think-of-anything else type of name. 😊This little girl is now my 5th niece! Oh God, help me. 😂 (Honestly been hoping for another nephew for the last 3 times now. But at last, guess it wasn't meant to be.) I really like it. Although simple, I also find it to be very practical. Loveliness aside however, I sort of wish they would have gone with something else, simply because there's already so many 'A' names in the family, my name included. That's the only thing. One of my characters is also called Allison, which I find to be very interesting and endearing. 🙂
I don't care much for Skylar (any spelling variant) if I'm being honest. However, it sounds alright when paired with her sister's name, I think. (Allison & Skylar.) Sort of sticks out more with her brother's name.
Also, their initials spell out Asa, which I think is pretty neat. It's always interesting when a pair of sibling names spell out something, or even another name. I'm sure it wasn't done on intention though.

Any thoughts?*~Rate my PNLs!~* NEW NAMES RECENTLY ADDED!Screenshot-20221218-163055-099

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Congrats! I’m not big on Allison but it’s pretty and a nice name overall. I adore Rose as a mn, even though it’s considered a filler. I’m also not big on alliteration in sibsets, especially if one child is left out. Skylar Polly is super different in style to the other two.
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I like Allison and Anthony, not so much about Skylar (especially on a girl).
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I pretty much feel the same way, and wished that they would have gone with something other than 'Skylar', although I don't believe it's among the worst. She usually gets referred to by as 'Sky' anyway, which I far prefer to Skylar/Skyler/Schuyler.

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Congrats SPNFamily 🥳🎉
I think the combination Allison Rose is beautiful, it's aesthetic and pleasing to my eyes too!
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Thank you. 🤗 I think so too. ☺️ I'm also very glad that they choose to go with that spelling. I think it looks the nicest out of all the variants. (Alison/Alyson & such)
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Allison Rose is lovely, so is Anthony James. Skylar Polly seems to be so different in style from the others and only non A name

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I know what you mean. IMO, Skylar definitely sticks and not just because it starts with a different letter. It's a modern fad name, whereas Allison and Anthony are established classics, including all the middle names.
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Congrats on becoming an aunt again. The names are not my style but they are fine. I've only known positive Allison's so I am okay with it.
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Congrats on the new addition to the family! Allison Rose is pretty.
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I knew an Alison Rose; in her case, Rose was her surname.
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