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[Opinions] 2022 BA
Babies of people I know born this year. What do you think? Siblings in ().Silas Hayes
Cody Junior "Junior" (Raelynn, Katelynn, Adelynn)
Zayden James (Colin, Addy)
Emilio Andrew
Zorah Noelle (Axel Jayce, Braizley Skye)
Jack Steven
Naomi Kay
Hudson Ross
Winter-Rayne Marie (Tristin, Judah King-James, Summer-Rose Yvette)
Lux Calder (Michaela, Emma, Harper(g))
William John
Cooper Travis
Aurora Kaye
Canaan Michael
Elsie Bea (Tyler David, Madilyn Rose, Owen Lee, Edith Joy)
Remi Jo
Polly Mae (June, Cecelia)
Brynlee Lynn
Beckham Parks (Gracelyn)
Evelyn Elaine
Ivan (Ava Raquel, Ari Brooklyn)
David William (Aidan Henry)
Stanley Manuel
William Martin (Samuel)
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I like (* are my favourites):Silas Hayes
Zayden James
Zorah Noelle *
Naomi Kay *
Hudson Ross
William John
Aurora Kaye
Evelyn Elaine
Ivan *
From the siblings I like:Colin *
Axel Jayce
Emma *
Harper *
Edith Joy
Ava Raquel ******************** (I love this one so much)
Aidan Henry
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