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[Opinions] Help me with Hebrew boy names!
I'm not pregnant. Just obsessing about what I will name hypothetical children :)There are many many many Hebrew girl names I love that aren't too common, are basically pronounceable in English, and are on the long (3-syllable) side, like Meira, Devorah, Ayala, Levana, Seraphine. However, for boys, I can't find any names that fit all those criteria that I like!I like Nechemia, Menachem, Elchanan, but they're hard to pronounce in English because of the ch sound. Naphtali is in this boat because I want it said the Hebrew way like nahf-TAH-lee.I don't like Mordecai, Solomon because they seem too old-man-ish to me.I like Ariel, Aryeh, Ilan, Noam, Lev, etc., but they seem much more down-to-earth, simple names than the girl names I like, I'm not sure they would match.I like Jonah, Elijah, (and would be willing to stretch the definition of Hebrew names for Silas or Ivan), but they're pretty popular.Rafael is the only name I can think of that I like that meets these criteria but I can't use that due to family...What would you compromise on here? Or can you suggest the perfect name to save me from any compromise?Help my future theoretical children!

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I love Naphtali!Kepha
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Delayah is cool, I never heard that before! Probably wouldn't use it but it's always cool to learn about a new name :)
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"Naphtali is in this boat because I want it said the Hebrew way like nahf-TAH-lee."As a gentile English speaker, that is how I would pronounce it. It might not be true that people would say it with the pronunciation given in the BtN entry. If you like it, maybe you should ask around.
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I love the name Asher. also we can combine names at

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I'm not the most familiar with Hebrew names, but I searched through the website to find a few that could fit a few of your criteria:Shalom, Gideon, Aviv, Ezra, Ephraim, Chaim, Yaron, Malachi, Omer, Oved, Asaf, Reuben, Shimon, Yair, Yehuda, Yisrael, Yitzhak, Yonah, Amos, Avi, Avidan, Aviram, Barak, Eitan, Eliya, Natan, Hillel, Gershon, Imanuel, Moshe, Meytav, Mishael, Nachman, Natanel, Rezin, Seraphim, ZachariaI hope you find one you like!
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Big fan of Yonah and Hillel, thanks!
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You're welcome :)
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