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[Opinions] Pen name (conclusion)
As a conclusion for my last post, I propose this pen-name:
Rowan S. Kleinfeld (or Leitner or Kiefer), for they remove the extra middle and no-one notable shares those combinations of first and last name.
Or would you rather I stick with Rowan S. B. Voss?EDIT: It is now concluded

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I find this whole issue puzzling. Why not just focus on the book? Is it written yet?
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As a writer I completely understand this, it's part of the sacred ritual of "putting off actually writing by focusing on topics that relate to writing". Such as choosing the perfect pen name, tidying around where you write (sometimes the entire apartment), obsessing over character names, daydreaming about what the cover should look like, etc etc etc. It's all part of the process.
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OK, that makes a bit more sense! Thanks, Chloe.
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People are capable of expending energy on more than one thing at a time. As this is a names website, I would not expect to observe any part of the development of writing this book that isn't to do with names. The names are all we've been asked about and all I feel the need to concern myself with. Are you their agent or something?
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Yes Rowan a Kleinfeld or Kiefer sounds best
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Rowan S. Kleinfeld or Kiefer sounds better actually.
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