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[Facts] Ilma as a Brazilian name
The name Ilma is very international, meaning "air" in Finnish, "knowledge" in Arabian and having other meanings too.Now I am wondering, what does it mean in Brazilian?It was quite popular in Brazil for several decades.Any ideas?Please rate my list:
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I looked this name up on several portuguese sites. Some sites - they don't seem too reliable - they state the finnish meaning, and a german one, making it a version of Hilma.
This makes sense to me, as the H is silent in Portuguese, and there are similiar versions (Ilda - Hilda, Enrique - Henrique, Eloísa - Heloísa). Also, the name was most popular in the south, where there is a large german community. And Hilda has the same curve of popularity as Ilda, only less popular.
Ilda wasn't that popular, though.
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I'm Brazilian, and I think I've heard this name before, and it was pronounced like eel-ma
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