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[Opinions] Name variants for "C" twin
Hi! I have two characters who are twins (both male) and their initials are "C" and "R"."R" twin's name is Rasaleo, which is a name my friend decided on. I've decided it was perfect for him. However, I'm stuck on multiple variants for "C" twin.- Cassian
- Casiano (this I feel is too matchy)
- Cosmo
- CosimoEdit: Thanks for the name suggestions!Anything along the lines of those! I'm thinking mainly hispanic-esque names. The story takes place in a literal "1950's/60's" film-like world. Lemme know what you all think!

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I wouldn't do Cassian, bc it's a popular character name. I would go for things like Cosmo, Costin, Collin, Corian, Cassi
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Cassius, Cassiel, Caius, Cleopas

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I think Cosimo matches the style well, without being too matchy.Also:
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I was thinking either along the lines of Cosimo or Cosmo (like the character Cosmo Brown)! Thanks for the suggestions, I haven't heard of some of them before.
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