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[Games] Choices CAF
Last names: Petersen Carey Quinn Huang GrayDH: Jesse Bennett Shadrey Desmond Christopher Max Eric
DH: Allan Gavin Lewis Eli Carlton John Morgan Lars DD: Demetria Maeve Johanna Alina Leilani Charlotte Lucy
DD: Natasha Iliana Vivian Rayne Kay Alice Elena Beatrice
DS: David Theo Conor Simon Jack Westley Ciaran Samuel
DS: Charles Elric Torin Michael Dylan Aidan Roland Luc2 dogs: Harley Bailey Yoda June Obsidian Vin
3 guinea pigs: Lilo Kiki Tribble Alvin Ginger Maple Pepper Obi Pippin Kappa Pidgey
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DH: Eric Desmond Carey
DH: John Carlton QuinnDD: Maeve Johanna Carey-Quinn
DD: Alice Natasha Carey-Quinn
DS: Simon Westley Carey-Quinn
DS: Dylan Charles Carey-Quinn2 dogs: Harley & Bailey Carey-Quinn
3 guinea pigs: Ginger, Pepper, & Pidgey Carey-Quinn
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DH : Jesse Max Petersen-Quinn
DH : Eli Lewis Petersen-QuinnDD : Maeve Charlotte Petersen-Quinn
DD : Alice Elena Petersen-Quinn
DS : Jack Theo Petersen-Quinn
DS : Michael Aidan Petersen-QuinnDogs : Bailey & June
Guinea Pigs : Lilo | Kiko | Maple Jesse and Eli || MaeveAliceJackMikey
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Lots of cute options! DH: Jesse Quinn
DH: John Quinn DD: Alina Maeve Quinn
DD: Natasha Rayne Quinn
DS: Ciaran David Quinn
DS: Luc Torin QuinnDogs: Harley & Yoda
Guinea pigs: Lilo, Ginger and Pippin
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DH: Bennett Jesse Huang (né Peterson)
DH: Gavin Carlton HuangDD: Demetria Leilani Huang
DD: Elena Iliana Huang
DS: David Jack Huang
DS: Aidan Michael HuangDDogs: Harley & Bailey
DGuineaPigs: Alvin, Lilo, & Ginger
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H: Desmond Bennett Christopher Carey
H: John Morgan Gray D: Lucy Maeve Charlotte Carey-Gray
D: Beatrice Elena Vivian Carey-Gray
S: Samuel Ciaran David Carey-Gray
S: Charles Dylan Luc Carey-Gray Dogs: Obsidian and Bailey
Guinea pigs: Pippin, Lilo, and PidgeyDesmond (Dez) & John Morgan (Morgan); Lucy, Beatrice (Bea), Samuel (Sammy), and Charles (Charlie). Their dogs, Obsidian (Oby) and Bailey and guinea pigs, Pippin, Lilo, and Pidgey.
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DH: Jesse Eric Petersen
DH: Lewis Eli (Gray) PetersenDD: Charlotte Alina Petersen
DD: Beatrice Alice Petersen
DS: Samuel Jack Petersen
DS: Aidan Dylan Petersen2 dogs: Bailey & June
3 guinea pigs: Ginger, Pepper, and Pidgey
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DH: Christopher Bennett Peterson-Gray
DH: Carlton Lars Petersen-GrayDD: Alina Maeve Peterson-Gray
DD: Beatrice Vivian Peterson-Gray
DS: Ciaran David Peterson-Gray
DS: Dylan Luc Peterson-Gray2 dogs: Yoda & Vin
3 guinea pigs: Obi, Ginger, & LiloChristopher & Carlton Peterson-Gray: Alina, Beatrice, Ciaran, & Dylan
Yoda, Vin, Obi, Ginger, & Lilo
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DH: Eric Bennett
DH: Eli JohnDD: Johanna Charlotte
DD: Alice Vivian
DS: David Samuel
DS: Michael Aidan Dogs: Bailey and June
Guinea pigs: Maple, Ginger, and Pepper
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Last names: Carey DH: Jesse Christopher
DH: Gavin John DD: Lucy Charlotte
DD: Alice Beatrice
DS: Jack Samuel
DS: Dylan Michael 2 dogs: Bailey and June
3 guinea pigs: Lilo, Alvin and Ginger
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DH: Bennett Christopher Quinn
DH: Gavin John Huang DD: Maeve Lucy
DD: Beatrice Vivian
DS: Theo Ciaran
DS: Aidan Charles 2 dogs: Vin & Yoda
3 guinea pigs: Alvin, Maple & Tribble
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DH: Desmond Eric Quinn-Huang
DH: John Allan Quinn-HuangDD: Leilani Maeve Quinn-Huang
DD: Iliana Alice Quinn-Huang
DS: Westley David Quinn-Huang
DS: Elric Dylan Quinn-Huang2 dogs: Yoda & Harley
3 guinea pigs: Maple, Lilo and PippinDesmond & John with Leilani, Iliana, Westley and Elric.
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DH: Jesse Christopher Gray
DH: Gavin Carlton Gray DD: Charlotte Johanna Gray
DD: Alice Vivian Gray
DS: David Westley Gray
DS: Aidan Charles Gray2 dogs: Harley, Bailey, June
3 guinea pigs: Ginger, Maple, Pepper
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DH: Desmond Christopher Gray
DH: Lewis Morgan PetersenDD: Lucy Demetria Petersen-Gray
DD: Alice Beatrice Petersen-Gray
DS: Simon Samuel Petersen-Gray
DS: Roland Charles Petersen-Gray2 dogs: Yoda and Harley
3 guinea pigs: Lilo, Tribble, and Pidgey
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DH: Bennett Christopher Gray
DH: Gavin Lewis CareyDD: Johanna Demetria Maeve Carey-Gray
DD: Vivian Beatrice Carey-Gray
DS: Ciaran David Carey-Gray
DS: Aidan Michael Luc Carey-Gray2 dogs: Yoda & Vin
3 guinea pigs: Tribble, Maple, and Pepper
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DH: Maxwell Bennett Carey-Huang 'Max'
DH: Carlton Lewis Carey-Huang DD: Johanna Maeve Carey-Huang
DD: Elena Alice Carey-Huang
DS: Ciaran David Carey-Huang
DS: Aidan Elric Carey-Huang Dogs: Bailey & Obsidian
Guinea Pigs: Pidgey, Alvin, & Maple Max & Carlton Carey-Huang: Johanna, Elena, Ciaran, & Aidan Carey Huang
Bailey, Obsidian, Pidgey, Alvin, & Maple
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DH: Eric Bennett Petersen
DH: Morgan Lewis GrayDD: Maeve Charlotte Petersen-Gray
DD: Vivian Beatrice Petersen-Gray
DS: Conor Westley Petersen-Gray
DS: Luc Dylan Petersen-GrayDog: June
Dog: Bailey
Guinea Pig: Ginger
Guinea Pig: Maple
Guinea Pig: Pepper
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DH: Jesse Christopher Gray
DH: Lewis Morgan CareyDD: Charlotte Maeve Carey-Gray
DD: Vivian Natasha Carey-Gray
DS: Jack Conor Carey-Gray
DS: Dylan Luc Carey-GrayDog: Harley
Dog: Yoda
Guinea pig: Kappa
Guinea pig: Pepper
Guinea pig: Obi
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DH: Max Bennett Petersen
DH: Carlton Eli QuinnDD: Alina Charlotte Petersen-Quinn
DD: Beatrice Natasha Petersen-Quinn
DS: Simon Westley Petersen-Quinn
DS: Roland Elric Petersen-Quinn Dogs: Obsidian "Obie" & Vercingetorix "Vin"
Guinea pigs: Alvin, Maple, and Lilo
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DH: Max Christopher
DH: John MorganDD: Maeve Charlotte
DD: Vivian Alice
DS: Ciaran Samuel
DS: Aidan Michael2 dogs: Bailey & June
3 guinea pigs: Ginger, Maple & Pepper
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DH(32): Jesse Eric
DH(34): Lewis JohnDD(9): Lucy Maeve
DD(6): Elena Rayne
DS(4): Westley David
DS(3): Roland Charles
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DH: Jesse Desmond Carey
DH: Allan Lewis HuangDD: Lucy Maeve Carey-Huang
DD: Vivian Rayne Carey-Huang
DS: Samuel Conor Carey-Huang
DS: Torin Roland Carey-HuangSchnauzer: Yoda
Black Lab: Obsidian
Guinea Pig: Kappa
Guinea Pig: Kiki
Guinea Pig: Pepper
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Christopher Desmond Gray + Eli Morgan Carey
- Maeve Charlotte Carey-Gray
- Elena Beatrice Carey-Gray
- Westley Theo Carey-Gray
- Torin Michael Carey-GrayDogs: Vin + Yoda
Guinea pigs: Ginger, Kappa. + Lilo
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DH: Desmond Huang
DH: Morgan Eli Carey-HuangDD: Charlotte Lucy Huang
DD: Beatrice Elena Huang
DS: Theo Samuel Huang
DS: Elric Michael HuangDogs. Yoda & Harley
Guinea pigs: Pidgey, Tribble & Kiki
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DH: Desmond Eric Quinn
DH: Eli John GrayDD: Alina Charlotte Gray-Quinn
DD: Vivian Natasha Gray-Quinn
DS: Samuel Theo Gray-Quinn
DS: Aidan Elric Gray-QuinnDogs: June & Obsidian
Guinea pigs: Pippin & Maple & Pidgey
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DH: Christopher Jesse Carey
DH: Gavin Lewis Petersen CareyDD: Charlotte Maeve Carey "Charlie"
DD: Elena Beatrice Carey
DS: Jack Simon Carey
DS: Aidan Michael Carey2 dogs: Harley (Australian Cattle Dog)
Vin (boxer)
3 guinea pigs: Maple, Pepper, & Pippin
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DH: Bennett Jesse Carey-Quinn “Ben”
DH: John Allan Carey-Quinn “Jack”DD: Charlotte Maeve Carey-Quinn
DD: Alice Beatrice Carey-Quinn
DS: Samuel Conor Carey-Quinn
DS: Aidan Michael Carey-Quinn2 dogs: Harley, & Yoda
3 guinea pigs: Lilo, Obi, & Tribble
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H: Desmond Christopher Gray
H: Lewis Gavin CareyD1: Charlotte Johanna Carey-Gray
D2: Beatrice Alice Carey-Gray
S1: Jack Theo Carey-Gray
S2: Aidan Michael Carey-Gray2 Dogs: Harley & Obsidian
3 Guinea Pigs: Kiki, Pepper & Pidgey
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DH: Max Christopher Carey
DH: Morgan John Huang DD: Lucy Johanna Huang-Carey
DD: Vivian Elena Huang-Carey
DS: Conor David Huang-Carey
DS: Dylan Charles Huang-Carey DMastiffs: Yoda & June
DGuinea Pigs: Tribble, Alvin, & Ginger *****
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DH: Max Desmond Carey
DH: Eli Morgan HuangDD: Lucy Maeve Carey-Huang
DD: Beatrice Alice Carey-Huang
DS: Simon Theo Carey-Huang
DS: Aidan Luc Carey-HuangFDog: June
MDog: HarleyMGuineaPig: Tribble
FGuineaPig: Lilo
MGuineaPig: GingerMax and Eli with Lucy, Beatrice, Simon, and Aidan, and their dogs June and Harley and guinea pigs Tribble, Lilo, and Ginger
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