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[Opinions] Nameberry BA - Fern Penelope
What do you think of it?What kind of imagery does it conjure?Thoughts on Fern on its own, and as a nickname for Fernanda?What do you think of the nicknames Penny, Nell, and Poppy for Penelope?Hope you have a nice day ahead! 🕊️❣️🌻💌🌻❣️🕊️masculine list:
feminine list:
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I love the name Fern, it’s so gorgeous and underrated. Not a fan of Fernanda though. Penny and Nell are the only names that make sense as nns for Penelope to me. I love Poppy on it’s own, but not as a nn for Penelope.
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I am not hugely into Fern but the combo is kind of intriguing to me
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I don't like Fern or Fernanda
I like Penelope nn Penny but Nell and Poppy are ok nn's
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Fern is one of those names where I love the idea much more than the reality. The plants themselves are so cool; but in my accent (and I think in most Anglophone accents, actually), the dominant vowel in Fern is... a schwa. It's a really easy name to simply mumble. I do like the combo Fern Penelope written out.As a nickname for Fernanda, it's cute, though I don't see myself ever using Fernanda.There was a time I liked Poppy as a nickname for Penelope, but now I can't stand Poppy. And a penny is a coin of the lowest value, so I don't like Penny as a nickname, either. I'd choose Nell or just Pen (mightier than the sword and all that).
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I have unfortunate associations with the name Fern. As a nn for Fernanda, it's OK.I like Penny; I also like Nell, but not Nelly. Poppy is not to my taste at all.
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