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[Games] CAF w/ Initials
I saw an Instagram account for a large Italian family with matching initials.DW: Giorgia
DH: MirkoDD: Giulia
DS: Mattia
DD: Gloria
DD: Giada
DD: Gioia
DS: Marco
DS: MatteoIf you had to name 7-8 kids, with girls matching one parent's first initial and boys matching the other's, what would you name them? Either use your own + your partner's initials, or generate random initials here: For an added challenge, use Italian names.
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DH: Morris
DW: Florence
DD: Faith Mary
DS: Micheal Frank
DD: Frida Marion
DD: Frances Mildred
DS/DS: Marin Flynn / Martin Finn

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DW: Emily Amy
DH: Henry ThomasDD: Erin Ariadne
DS: Harry Trevor
DD: Esme Amabel
DD: Evelina Audrey
DD: Eden Amaryllis
DS: Hugo Tristan
DS: Hayden Thomas
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DW: Anneliese
DH: Gareth
DD: Arlowe
DS: Grant
DD: Abigayle
DD: Amelia
DD: Autumn
DS: Griffin
DS: Grayson
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I'd probably match the boys to my initial and the girls to Dads'. DW: Christine
DH: SamDD: Selina Ryan
DS: Clark Grant
DD: Shay Luna
DD: Stevie Kate
DD: Spencer Ivy
DS: Campbell Owen
DS: Christopher Stiles "Kit"
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H: Brendan
W: RoseD1: Bonnie
S1: Reece
D2: BiancaBee
D3: Branwen
D4: Belle
S2: Ridley
S3: Rudy
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DW: Gioia
DH: LadislaoDD: Giulietta
DS: Leonzio
DD: Gaia
DD: Gerarda
DD: Gabriella
DS: Loreto
DS: Ladislao
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DW: Theresa
DH: BenjaminDD: Tiffany
DS: Brandon
DD: Tabitha
DD: Terra
DD: Twyla
DS: Blake
DS: Byron
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DW: Chiara
DH: EmilioDD: Carla
DS: Enrico
DD: Catarina
DD: Cecilia
DD: Christina
DS: Elio
DS: Eros
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Mom match with boys and dad matches with girls
DH(32): Jordan Henry
DW(30): Ashley MarieDD(9): Juniper Haven "June"
DS(7): Atlas Michael
DD(6): Jasmine Hope
DD(4): Jagger Harlow
DD(3): Jocelyn Harper
DS(1): Ace Maxwell
DS(nb): Archer Mason
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Using me and my partner's names: Mom: Emma
Dad: Seth DD: Ember
DS: Soren
DD: Enya
DD: Elowen
DD: Eira
DS: Sylvan
DS: Simeonor swapping the initialsDD: Saskia
DS: Edric
DD: Selene
DD: Sylvie
DD: Sage
DS: Elias
DS: Ewan
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DW: Isabella
DH: TravisDD: Ingrid
DS: Tyler
DD: Iridessa
DD: Imani
DD: Iliana
DS: Taran
DS: True
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