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[Opinions] Names of 16th century French prostitutes this gem ^I'm especially curious about your thoughts on the following:Blanca
Janseranda (does anyone know its origin?)
Peyrinne 🕊️❣️🌻💌🌻❣️🕊️masculine list:
feminine list:

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I feel like most of those (and similarly, Lorenza, Magdalene, Madelaine, Perrine) wouldn't stand out that much nowadays (though I don't know about in France specifically); Janseranda seems the weirdest. I like Peyrinne, Magdalaine, and Laurensa as much or more than alternate spellings plus more than Blanca, but I know a Blanca, and it's not bad... Astrugus, Mondette, and Tuffayna were ones from the link that jumped out to me. I imagine Tuffayna is basically Tiffany (somewhere between that and Theophania), but I would still like to meet one.

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The masculine name Janserandus is mentioned in this book. But I can't figure out it's origins.
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Janseranda is a user submitted name on this site. It is described as medieval Occitan although it doesn't look Occitan to me.
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I wonder if it's related to Jan or the surname Janser or the Latin word seranda or the Greek derived Saranda. My guess is Jan or even janua + seranda, but the meanings random, and I'm not familiar with Occitan.

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Some of these are genuinely interesting. Could Peyrinne be a toponymic byname, referring to someone from the Pyrenees?
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I thought it was just a nonstandard spelling of Perrine.
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