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[Opinions] What are some twin names.
for girls
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I’m of the mind that they are two separate people and don’t need specific or matchy names. They will have to share enough as it is. I would just name them my two favorite girls’ names that I would use for daughters whether they were born the same day or 10 years apart.
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Any two names can be twin names... If I had twin girls tomorrow I'd name them Willow and Esme
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They don't have to be bookend names. Some I've known were
Diane and Carla
Tracy and Kris
Sandra and CynthiaAlso like
Tamsin and Samara
Jillian and Lauren
Rachel and Vivienne
Moira and Tamara
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Personal favorite combos:Cool:Demi & Shay Liv & Rae Salem & SinclairZiva & Octavia Kes & SiaClarke & Hayden Dove & Vega Paige & Harley Bay & Stevie Pretty:Alina & Lavender Cassia & Celeste Eden & Odette Alexandra & Davina Katia & Cassidy Genevieve & Arcadia Daisy & Marine
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Rhiannon & ReginaSarah & LeahRachel & RebeccaLily & RoseJuniper & WillowOlive & CherryRuby & JadeLumen & NerezzaWinifred & CordeliaAriel & BelleEira & LumiTawny & MagentaAura & Circe
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I have known or seen twins called Jennifer & Frances
Dawn & Eve
Amy & Sarah
Lula & Maya
Rhona & Freya
Lula is a nickname that twin 1 was always known by. Her first name is Turkish.

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Dawn and Eve, eh? Perhaps the mother had a very long labour!
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Janine and Adre
Gillian and Patricia
Suzanne and Lisa
Patricia and Jane
Eileen and StephanieA few that I knew or know of. All of them avoided anagrams (eg Alice and Celia), matchy meanings (eg Deborah and Melissa) and same initials (eg Eleanor and Emily).
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Anagram twin names for kind of fun though, I have to admit LOL. Not everyone notices until it's pointed out.
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twin names can be any two names you like. It used to be more common practice to give twins the same initial to signify that they were indeed twins, but thankfully people seem to be showing more variety in that department these days. I once did a poll on this several months ago on the twin naming preference style of people on the site and I remember the vast majority said they prefer them to be of a similar style/category and/or sound cohesive together but prefer a different initial and/ or syllable count. (So like Caroline & Alice, over Caroline & Catherine or Caroline & Nova, etc.) I tend to favor this system as well but I do admit I like a few "match-y" twin ideas here and there. More similar to pet ideas than people ones though. I also humor same initials as well occasionally. My ultimate guilty pleasure female twin combo is Lilac and Lavender. So flowery and purple and cutesy... but I like it, okay? Would I ever come within spitting distance of using it on actual twin daughters? Absolutely not. Maybe sister pets though, for sure. My current favorite G/G twin set idea has long been Winifred and Beatrice. I feel they balance each other out quit well and are distinct enough to have their own solid, firm identities while also being evenly matched in style and vibe. This I would definitely use if I felt so included at the time. other G/G ideas I have concocted in the past or in the present moment: Diana and Daphne *different enough in my mind because of different syllable count*
Coraline and Diana
Elodie and Annora
Charlize and Angeline

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I’ve always loved Evangeline and Genevieve together! Naomi and Joy are gorgeous too.
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thank you!
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I knew a Lori and Lisa.
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