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[Games] CAF with my family's initials
Note: you don't have to use jewish names. You can use the names of any culture, language, religion and nation around this globe. a space indicates seperation between surname and name. Maiden names are included.
I don't remember everyone's ages.Family G
DH: A G (deceased at ~82)
DW: AL G (Deceased at ~79)
DD1: YR (63)
DS1: Y (deceased at 40)
DS2: EZ (58)
DD2: SL (54)
Family S:
DW: YG S (81)
DH: M S (deceased at 57)
DS1: O
DS2: D
DH: Family S's DS1
DW: Family G's DD2
DS1: MI (18)
DS2: OY (17)
DD1: KT (15)
DS3: IA (12)
DW: Family S's DD
exH: B L
DH: Family S's DS2
DD1: E
DD2: Y
DW: Family G's DD1
Dstepson: S
Dstepdaughter: N
DS1: R (27)
DD: N (24)
DS2: Y (19)
DH: family G's ds1 (deceased
DS: R (33)
DD1: A
DD2: M
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Family G
DH: Adalbert (deceased at ~82)
DW: Angelina Lily (Deceased at ~79)
DD1: Yasmine Roxanne (63)
DS1: Yves (deceased at 40)
DS2: Edward Zachary (58)
DD2: Salome Laura (54)
Family S:
DW: Yvette Gianna (81)
DH: Martin (deceased at 57)
DS1: Oliver ‘Ollie’
DD: Nora
DS2: Dominic
DH: Family S's DS1
DW: Family G's DD2
DS1: Milo Igor (18)
DS2: Owen Yves (17)
DD1: Kathleen Tabitha (15)
DS3: Ivan Adrian (12)
DW: Family S's DD
exH: Brandon
DD: Dorothy
DS: Orion Montgomery
DH: Family S's DS2
DW: Moriah
DD1: Elizabeth ‘Bess’
DS: Nolan
DD2: Yvonne
DW: Family G's DD1
DH: Edwin Seth
Dstepson: Sampson
Dstepdaughter: Nyla
DS1: Ronald (27)
DD: Norah (24)
DS2: Yves (19)
DH: family G's ds1 (deceased
DW: Harmony
DBF: Silas Steven
DS: Reagan (33)
DD1: Alexandra
DD2: Michelle
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Family Gustafsson
DH: Antti Gustafsson (deceased at ~82)
DW: Arja Loviisa Gustafsson (Deceased at ~79)DD1: Ylva Rebekka (63)
DS1: Yrjö (deceased at 40)
DS2: Erno Zachris (58)
DD2: Siri Loviisa (54)**********Family Salmi:
DW: Yelena Suominen (81)
DH: Matti Salmi (deceased at 57)DS1: Osip
DD: Nina
DS2: Denis**********DH: Osip Salmi
DW: Siri Loviisa GustafssonDS1: Mauno Iisak Salmi (18)
DS2: Otso Yakim Salmi (17)
DD1: Kerttu Thalia Salmi (15)
DS3: Iivo August Salmi (12)************DW: Nina Salmi
exH: Björn Lindroos
DD: Dalia Lilian Salmi
DS: Oskar Mikael Salmi************DH: Denis Salmi
DW: Maria Zedner-Lamsdorf
DD1: Else Zedner-Salmi
DS: Niko Zedner-Salmi
DD2: Yona Zedner-Salmi************DW: Ylva Rebekka Gustafsson
DH: Eero Samuli KurolaDstepson: Sampo Kurola
Dstepdaughter: Nelma KurolaDS1: Rasmus Gustafsson (27)
DD: Noora Gustagsson (24)
DS2: Yrjö Gustafsson (19)*************DH: Yrjö Gustafsson (deceased
DW: Hanna Susanna GustafssonDBF: Sisu Samuel YlätaloDS: Roope Gustafsson (33)
DD1: Anna Gustafsson
DD2: Miisa Gustafsson
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Family G
DH: Aloysius George "Lou" Garthwaite (dec at ~82)
DW: Alberta Louise "Birdie" Gannon (dec at ~79)DD1: Ylma Rosanne Garthwaite (63)
DS1: Yvo Gannon Garthwaite (dec at 40)
DS2: Eustis Zeno Garthwaite (58)
DD2: Sybil Lois Garthwaite (54)***
Family S:
DW: Yolanda Geneen Sewell (81)
DH: Maurizio Sebastiani (dec at 57)DS1: Orville Sebastiani
DD: Nicolette Sebastiani
DS2: Dmitri Sebastiani***
DH: Orville Sebastiani
DW: Sybil Lois Garthwaite DS1: Maurice Ivo "Mo" Sebastiani (18)
DS2: Omar Yesenio Sebastiani (17)
DD1: Kateri Teresa Sebastiani (15)
DS3: Inigo Aloysius Sebastiani (12)***
DW: Nicolette Sebastiani
exH: Bartholomew "Tol" Lundgren
DD: Deirdre Lundgren
DS: Owen Maurizio Lundgren***
DH: Dmitri Sebastiani
DW: Mandosia Zamfir-LewisDD1: Ederne Sebastiani
DS: Najib Sebastiani
DD2: Yeva Sebastiani***
DW: Ylma Rosanne Garthwaite
DH: Eusebius Stuart KentonDstepS: Silas Kenton
DstepD: Novalee Kenton
DS1: Ross Kenton (27)
DD: Nelda Kenton (24)
DS2: Yann Kenton (19)***
DH: Yvo Gannon Garthwaite (dec at 40)
DW: Hannelore Schmidt
DBF: Samuel Simon YoungDS: Rembrandt Garthwaite (33)
DD1: Adelaide Garthwaite
DD2: Marjolein Garthwaite*****
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Family GDH: Anton Gonzalez (deceased at ~82)
DW: Ava Laurel Grey (Deceased at ~79)DD1: Yvette Rachael Gonzalez (63)
DS1: Yago Gonzalez (deceased at 40)
DS2: Eros Zachary Gonzalez (58)
DD2: Sofia Leigh Gonzalez (54)**********Family S:DW: Yara Gabriella Stewart (81)
DH: Marco Salvaggi (deceased at 57)DS1: Omar Salvaggi
DD: Noa Salvaggi
DS2: Donovan Salvaggi**********DH: Omar Salvaggi
DW: Sofia Leigh GonzalezDS1: Mario Ivan Salvaggi (18)
DS2: Oliver Yves Salvaggi (17)
DD1: Kate Taylor Salvaggi (15)
DS3: Iker Apollo Salvaggi (12)************DW: Noa SalvaggiexH: Beckett LloydDD: Dana Lloyd
DS: Oskar Milo Lloyd************DH: Donovan Salvaggi
DW: Maya Zimmer-LongDD1: Evelyn Salvaggi
DS: Nico Salvaggi
DD2: Yasmin Salvaggi************DW: Yvette Rachael Gonzalez
DH: Evan Spencer Kellogg

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