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[Opinions] Recent BAs
Names from friends, acquaintances, and people from social media who have recently had kids. Siblings are in parentheses. What do you think?Aura (Alma, Gema)
Danielle Evelyn (Harrison Alexander)

Juniper Marie
Luminara “Lumi
Madison Ann
Oaklee Mieko (Mattie)
Riley Dixon (Leila Luciana)
Winrey (Greyson Elric, Kingsley Alexander)Cian (Elizabeth Bauer “Biz”)
Franklin James Mountain “Frank
Juan Raúl (Leonela)
Sweeney (Loughlin Elizabeth, Hayden Mary)
Tommaso GiovanniTommy” (Eliana, James Augusto, Valentina)
William Hugh (Emersen Elizabeth)
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They did NOT seriously use Sweeney on a human child 🤦‍♂️
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Interesting to see my username among the list! I like Aura, Evelyn, Hannelore, Luciana, Elric, Tommaso and Hugh.
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The parents are definitely Star Wars fans! Are you?
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I was superficially into Star Wars when I was younger but not now. I didn't know that Lumi or Luminara were Star Wars names until you posted about it. I came across the Finnish name Lumi on this site actually and liked the meaning. Then I learned that Lumi is a Tagalog word, which made me like it more (I have Filipino heritage).
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I like/love:Aura
Juliette (I prefer Juliet)
Juniper Marie
Lumi (I don’t like Luminara)
Riley Dixon
Franklin James (I love James, neutral on Franklin)
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Names I'd use: Alma, Harrison Alexander, ValentinaNames I like but woulnd't use: Danielle Evelyn, Juliette, Greyson Elric, Kingsley Alexander, Franklin James Mountain, George, Tommaso Giovanni, Eliana, William HughNames that are ok: Aura, Gema, Juniper Marie, Madison Ann, Riley Dixon, Leila Luciana, Cian, Elizabeth Bauer, Juan Raúl, Emersen ElizabethNames I dislike: Hannelore, Merrow, Winrey, Hayden Mary, James AugustoNames I hate: Ira, Luminara, Oaklee Mieko, Leonela, Sweeney, Loughlin Elizabeth
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Greyson Elric is a bizarre combo. Ultra-modern first name with a medieval middle name.
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Judging by Kingsley Alexander is guess that the parents think it seems fancy and dignified and don't realise what vibe Greyson *actually* gives off
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