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[Opinions] Artémise and Léocadie: names from Madame Bovary
I'm currently reading Flaubert's Madame Bovary.There's a maid called Artémise, and before settling on the - rather ugly, in my opinion - Berthe, the titular character considers many names for her daughter.The ones that caught my attention are:Atala
AthalieShe is advised against using Madeleine - apparently, it's too trendy.What do you think of these names? 🕊️❣️🌻💌🌻❣️🕊️masculine list:
feminine list:
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Artémise, Léocadie and Yseult are my favorite from the list, such gorgeous names❤Good to know Madeleine has always been considered trendy lol
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I have read Madame Bovary a long time ago. You forgot Madame Bovary herself, being named Emma. Always thought it was rather ahead of its time for the 1850s. Loved the names you listed. I just adore Artémise, though I would spell it Arthémise. Love the ancient greek origin, and it sounds very feminine to me. I also agree with you: Berthe is a no no. It's boring, old (even for the 19th century) and not a fan of the ''Ber'' sound.Here are my opinions on the others:
Atala - Not my style, but it could be a name. Galsuinde - This is awful. Awful. The ''suinde'' sound is similare to ''suinte'' which, in French, means ''oozes''. NO NO NO!Yseult - This is on my personal name list. I love it so much. Love that it comes from the legend ''Tristan and Yseult''. It sounds sophisticated yet original and rare.

Léocadie - Sounds very ancient for French speakers. Hasn't been in trend for almost 150 years, but if you look at the name in itsefl, it isn't awful. Athalie - I prefer it to Atala for sure. The ''lie'' sound is classic feminine sound in French.Too bad Madeleine was too trendy in the 1850's because it is lovely.
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