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[Facts] Why do French baby names cycle so fast?
One thing I've noticed about the French popularity charts is that the names cycle extremely fast, even compared to other countries like the US. Look at the name Alba: went from not even on the top 500 to in the top 10 in only six years.If you look at other European countries such as Italy and Austria, the names do include some modern names but still have plenty of traditional names as well as names popular in the previous generation. But in France it seems like a name can go from top 10 to not even in the top 500 in just two decades. Many French names that were popular 20-30 years ago are not even in the top 500 now, and many of the names popular in France now weren't on the charts 20-30 years ago. I've also noticed that unlike most countries, where boys' names cycle more slowly, in France they cycle just as fast as girls' names do.Is there any cultural reason behind this? (Also, is there a reason for Alba's explosion in popularity in France?)

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They're a very trendy, revolutionary, cosmopolitan people. Being too traditional or slow to change in naming will probably get you accused of counter-revolutionary activity and earn you a trip to the guillotine. The Netherlands are the same way.Italy and Austria and other more eastern and southern European countries are super religious and conservative.

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You have to consider the scale of each of the graphs for each country. France and the US are some of the only data sets that are both long (many years) and deep (represent more births by year). This makes their name trends appear particularly spikey. I wonder if other European countries would look similar if the same amount of data was displayed.
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