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[Opinions] G/G twin siting
Met twin little girls (6-7ish) and there mother while out shopping the other day. The mother was a slightly older lady who said she and her husband were 41 and 43 when they were born via IVF. They were named.... wait for it... Faith Marie and Hope Anne. Feels about as stereotypical as can possibly be had for american G/G twins but it is supposed to be a reflection of the parents fertility journey, and the middles are after the mom and a grandma's middles. Hope Anne is too clunky imo. Faith Marie is plain but cute enough. A sweet sentiment even if the final product is a little bit blasé.WDYT? Are you fine with stereotypical faith and hope? How would you alter it? I think if this was me and I was reflecting the same sentiment of faith and hope I might switch Hope out for Serenity or Felicity, one of the non-one syllable virtues to keep it at little moreninteresting. *I like Hope but favor Faith between the two* What would you name G/G twins in such a scenario? I will add my ideas later.Please rate my "Names I would Use" list & "Backup Favorites" list. Feel free to rate some of my other lists too if you have the time.
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My mother was, and my daughter is, named Beatrice. Not a religious sentiment, which is fine by me, and it goes right back to the 19th century when Queen Victoria used it for her youngest daughter. But, Victoria must have found it somewhere too. For the record, I heartily dislike Faith and Hope as names. I'm basically optimistic so Hope might pass, but I lack any kind of religious faith, never missed it, and wouldn't pin it on a child. And Hope would only, if at all, be a mn, and then her father would need some very good reasons to get it past me. So, given that Beatrice is a given for me, and if I wanted to be thematic, then Beatrice and Felicity would be possible. Beatrice Anne - Anne is a family mn including mine - and oh dear I'd never do it IRL but Felicity Grace would be thoroughly thematic. Maybe Beatrice and Joy would be possible? Hilary is a bridge too far.
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Normally I would find this cheesy but in this case I will make an exception.
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Before you even told me, I knew it had to do with fertility issues. I know it's personal to the parents, but I've been on BtN long enough to see this time and time again, and it's so typical, it hurts. I'm sorry, I gotta be honest.Faith and Hope don't appeal to me much on their own, so I don't feel like spicing them up. I think Charity and Felicity are better. I know people don't like them much, but if we're talking virtue names, they're my picks over tired Faith and Hope. Grace is nice, but it needs a loooong rest.If I had G/G twins, I would just give them two girl names I liked. Today, I'll go with Maren and Theodora (Theo). Maren and Theo, why not?
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I like Faith and Hope on their own but not together. The middle names bore me but as they honouring I understand why they used them. If I had to use names with the same theme as they did I would go Felicity & Verity.I would be more likely myself though to name twins Willa and Elowen or Willa and Felicity as I have a niece called Elodie. Elodie and Elowen are I think too similar.
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I don't mind Hope & Faith together. I like them individually.I don't like the flow of Hope Anne, but it's fine as an honoring combo; if I was going to change it, while keeping Faith Marie: maybe...
Hope Carmen
Hope Cecile
Hope Fauna
Hope Gaia
Hope Sonia
Hope Therese
Hope Janet
Hope Georgette
Hope Vivienne
Hope Sarah
Hope Florence What would I use if I was coming up with a wordy matchy combo for girl twins, inspired by a difficult fertility journey?Epiphany Lilac
Patience VerbenaOr using honoring names for MNs:
Epiphany Hazel & Patience Dorothy
Epiphany Virginia & Patience Ruth
Epiphany Judith & Patience Deborah
Epiphany Charlotte & Patience Kenna
Epiphany Darlene & Patience Laurie

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I actually knew a Faith Marie and Hope Anne, who are also twins, when I was a teenager. They'd be in their mid-40s now. While I can appreciate the reasoning behind it, it's too common in my opinion. If they had used different middles, like perhaps the grandmothers' first names, they might have been a bit more unique. I like your idea of Serenity or Felicity. Even though it's not my usual style, I've always liked Journey as a name. And it would fit with their theme, as well. If they are religious, there are biblical names that are less obvious, but just as meaningful... Anah, Eliana, Euodia, Tikva. Of course, these may be too unique.ETA: I forgot to mention that I also met sisters, not twins though, named Faith Ann and Hope Lynn about 15 years ago. They went to church with a friend of mine and I met them at dinner. They'd also be mid-40s now.

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I think it's ok, great sentiment and nice to use grandma's mn
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that's quite an info dump to lay on someone you just met shopping.I like both Faith and Hope, Faith more so. But the pairing feels tired and the parents probably thought it was some amazing and meaningful thing to do; I guess it is to them, but if they'd paid any attention they'd see that they weren't doing anything to stand out.
I'd just use Faith and Hope for middle names. I think I'd have somewhat rhymey first names.
So, Brianna Hope and Savannah Faith.
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Lol well I'm very gregarious and we really got into it in conversation. We also talked about our grandma's, jobs, and future goals too lmao
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It's cheesy, but Faith and Hope are common names so they read as names and not just themey words. It feels a little passive though, just hoping for something... I guess it's about keeping morale up when you can't do anything more than you've already done? I have a bigger problem with the fillers Marie and Anne than I do with the matchy twin names.
Faith Elowen & Hope Leonie
Faith Elizabeth & Hope Louisa
Faith Melina & Hope Laurel
Faith Lenore & Hope Winona
Faith Leandra & Hope Aurelia
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Lovely sentiment and lovely outcome for the family. I don’t hate Faith and Hope for twins, yes it’s matchy and a bit cheesy, but it’s sweet too. One of my favourite combos for twin girls right now is Jemimah Faith and Keziah Grace. That would fit that kind of scenario too actually. Jemimah and Keziah were the biblical Job’s first two daughters born after all his hardships and his life was blessed of the Lord. I like the mns because the Bible states in Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” So I love that sentiment.
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Hope Anne is just a terrible sounding combo. Hoe-pan.
I don't like the sound of Hope in any case, but Hope Marie and Faith Anne would have been better.
I'm fine with Faith & Hope as twins, I don't think it's too cheesy, but it's nms.
I think Faith & Grace would be way nicer (it's also nms, but I like it so much better).
I like twin names to feel similar size & shape, or like, texture? to me. So I wouldn't swap out a Latiny name like Serenity or Felicity, or Esperanza, if the other twin was Faith.
I feel like Grace is more appropriate about a "fertility journey" than Hope, anyway.
If I had to try to express a sentiment like that in twin names, I might go with Theodora and Dorothea. Theo and Dot, say. Theda and Dora, maybe.
Or maybe just 'life' names - some combo of Zoe, Vivian, Eve, Vida.

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