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[Opinions] French all girls boarding school 3rd grade
By the way, here are the school years in france, england and the USA
I had to use a pinterest link because the bing one was too long
There are 4 sections of the girls in the 3rd grade, mainly to make it easier to plan out. There are 16 girls in each section but i'm only going to do 2 as of now but i might finish the rest later
Also i apologise if i accidentally used a celebrities name in this by accident i don't know any french celebrities.Headmistress: Virginie Alice Clement
Head girl: Camille Martine1.
Genévieve Dior
Saskia De Lacroix
Inés Roux
Emma Perez
Jade Berger
Sophie Lemoine-Dumont
Marie Lecrerecq
Pauline Morel
Maeva Jean
Lily Morint
Carla Fabre
Margot Laine
Alix Perrot
Roqayya Iqbal
Capucine Pinto
Louise Lang2.
Chloe Poirot
Victoire Forest
Emma Keller
Iris Munoz
Thaïs Becker
Maria Lenoir
Théa Lazin
Lucie Bigot
Mathilde Leblanc
Jade Tessier
Lya Etienne
Diane Le Goff
Roxane Daniel
Héloïse Poirier
Lola Vidal twin⬇️
Lila Vidal twin ⬆️

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