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[Games] Jewish European CAF
LN: After a court Jew (here is the list)
DH: First name is judeo-anglo-norman, middle name is after a Jewish author
DW: First name after a (female) Jewish partisan, ( MN after a Judean queen
DD: FN is on Israel's 2016 top 100 list, the middle name has to be related to the number seven
DS: First name after an angel, MN should be Yiddish
DD: first name after a city outside the holy land which has a sizeable Jewish population/long Jewish history
DS: Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) FN, MN is a common name among Hungarian Jews (
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as a jewish man, I'll pick the ones closest to my heart
meet the Zacutos (actually related to my maternal side.)
DH: Benedict Moshe Zacuto (after rabbi Benedict (Berechiah) de Nicole, of Ba'alei Hatossafot in medieval England, and Moshe (Moses) Mendelsohn)DW: Dora Hephzibah Avshalomov (Dora was my great-great grandmother's name, and Hephzibah is a great name which is very common among Bukharan jewish ladies, which is why I picked her surname.)DD: Nechama Elisheva Zacuto (after legendary Tanach teacher Nechama Leibowitz, and my grandma, Liza, who was named named after Elizabeth the Queen Mother)DS: Eliyahu Zalman Zacuto (After Eliyahu HaNavi who turned into the Angel of the Covenant, and Zalman is after the father of the Vilna Gaon, rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman)DD: Alexandria Rachel ZacutoDS: Vidal Chaim Zacuto (after rabbi Chaim Vitale and rabbi Don Vidal Benbeniste).
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All of their names sound very Israeli but lean toward the Hassidic side
I like it :)

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DH: Obediah Elie "Obi" Meisel
DW: Vitka Hadassah (Levy) MeiselDD: Hallel Sheva Meisel
DS: Azrael Tevye Meisel
DD: Odesa Markowa Meisel
DS: Amadio Jakov MeiselObi & Vitka: Hallel, Azrael, Odesa, and Amadio
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LN: CalmansonDH: Asser Saul
DW: Mira SibiaDD: Romi Sheyve
DS: Samael Moishe
DD: Vilna Shaindel
DS: Amado Sandor
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H: Leonis Manfred Bassevi
W: Dora Hadassah BasseviD: Tamar Sheyve Bassevi
S: Gabriel Iser Bassevi
D: London Tahel Bassevi
S: Angelo Mose Bassevi
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Mosey Philip Behrends
Rae Berenice BehrendsOfir Gada
Raphael Nosson
Philadelphia “Delphi”
Kalo István
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DH: Beneyt Chaim Kaulla
DW: Eta Salome [Liebmann] KaullaDD: Shoshana Sheyve Kaulla
DS: Abaddon Velvel Kaulla
DD: Atlanta Haleli Kaulla
DS: Belhom Jom Tov KaullaBeneyt and Eta with Shoshana, Abaddon, Atlanta, and Belhom
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H: Matathias Elie Wertheimer
W: Dora Mariamne (Fiszel) WertheimerD: Malka Barsheba Wertheimer
S: Azrael Faivish Wertheimer
D: Lucena Sanaa Wertheimer
S: Merkado Imre Wertheimer
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