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[Games] Design-a-Superhero (Generational Congrats with Choices) [2]
Tagline: In this multi-round game, answer multiple choice questions about a hypothetical superhero character; your answers affect what options you get for naming a large family.#1

Up to you if you want to track their superhero qualities across rounds.Question 1: What is the primary origin of their powers?
A. Natural talent
B. Intensive training
C. Exposure to chemicals/radiation/serum/etc.
D. Harnessing inventions or specialized equipment
E. They're not human (e.g. alien or mutant)Question 2: Do they work as part of a team?
A. Usually work alone
B. Have a partner or side-kick
C. Part of a super groupQuestion 3: Do they keep their superhero identity a secret?
A. Secret Identity
B. Public Identity

Answer Key
Optional surname namebank- the fourth sibling
1A: Aran Boyd Brom Edward Leonardo Mordecai Nolan Oscar Rhys Stefan
1B: Alec Arthur Brighton Finn Leif Lewyn Osian Robert Ronan Tristan Xavier
1C: Ephraim Glen Hayden Innes Joshua Kyle Orson Rennac Ross Seth
1D: Douglas Erik Hector Hugh Lance Martel Merlinus Noah Saul Scott
1E: Brady Claude Felix Frederick Gerome Henry Kaden Jakob Silas SylvainName the fifth sibling
2A: Alexandria Audrey Christiane Daphne Elizabeth Glory Maryam Pauline Piper Rosemarie
2B: Alice Anastasie Celine Eleonora Felicity Ivy Megan Odette Phoebe Wilhelmine
2C: Aline Ariadne Diane Elise Evangelina Holly Jolene Luna Noelani PenelopeName DD1's significant other and stepchild
3A: Aleš Antonín Benedikt Cyril Emerich František Johan Kamil Marco Mirek Lumír Ondrej Peter Radovan Robin Timon Vendelín Zoltán | Aloisie Charlotte Ellen Ester Gizela Irena Karin Lilien Lydie Marie-Anna Michaela Nela Rozárie Růžena Sylva Vivien Žaneta Zora
3B: Adair Alison Arden Ashley Blair Blythe Brandt Cassidy Clarke Curry Dana Devin Delaney Eldon Emmett Evelyn Finnegan Fox Gray Hale Jordan Leigh Lu Madison Mallory Meredith Morgan Quinn Romilly Rose Sawyer Scarlett Sigourney Sloane Teagan Whitney
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DH: Kylian Bartek Lewis
DW: Holland Noor LewisDD: Hana Solei Grayson (nee Lewis)
-DH: Cyril Radovan Grayson
--DH’sDD: Karin Růžena GraysonDD: Ada Corin Lewis
DS: Roman Elliot Lewis
DS: Ross Hayden Lewis
DD: Luna Ariadne LewisKylian & Holland Lewis: Hana, Ada, Roman, Ross, & Luna
Cyril Grayson: Karin
Hana & Cyril Grayson
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DH: Jesse Derek Hill
DW: Stella Lia (Nelson) HillDD: Liliana Reina (Hill) Stewart
-DH: Benedikt Robin Stewart
--DSD: Charlotte Marie-Anna Stewart
DD: Marina Iris Hill
DS: Arlo Royce Hill
DS: Henry Claude Hill
DD: Diane Luna Hill
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The Strange Family!The Strange FamilyH: Axel Evron Strange
W: Desiree Camille (Walters) Strange, "Desi"D1: Iris Soleil Strange-Curry
D2: Calla Florence Strange
S1: Eden Dominic Strange
S2: Leif Xavier Strange
D3: Holly Elise Strange

__________D1: Iris
H: Finnegan Sawyer CurryD: Whitney Scarlett Curry
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DH: Reid Adrian Foster
DW: Ava Bethany (Lewis) Foster*
DD: Poppy Selena (Foster) Kane
DH: Marco Peter Kane DSD: Nela Charlotte Kane *
DD: Amalia Sylvie Foster
DS: Micah Lewis Foster
DS: Rhys Oscar Foster
DD: Luna Diane Foster
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Beckett Gray & Linnea Ellinor (Tremaine) NorthfieldD: Amalia Persephone (Northfield) Drake
- H: Benedikt Radovan Drake
- S: Zoltán Lumír Drake
D: Astra Danae Northfield
S: Callen Evander Northfield
S: Ronan Alec Northfield
D: Alexandria Daphne Northfield Beck & Nia: Mali, Aces, Cal, Ronan, Lexa
Ben & Mali: Zoltán
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H: Lorenz Axel Trask
W: Simonetta Roxana (Lewis) TraskD: Philippa Danae Trask
-H: Peter Zoltán Losonczy
--SD: Sylva Aloisie Losonczy
D: Raphaela Iris Trask
S: Dominic Elliott Trask
S: Arthur Xavier Trask
D: Christiane Audrey Trask
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DH: Derek Ikaika (Rider) Khan
DW: Leilani Jada KhanThey live on a distant island, with an underwater hideout and a secret lab. Unfortunately, this means it's hard to get parts when the lab equipment malfunctions. Their powers arose from an experimental serum. They are part of a supergroup of heroes, and keep their identities secret.DD1: Liviana Rose Khan
SO: Zoltán Benedikt Kolář
-DSD: Lydie Růžena KolářDD2: Reina Naomi Khan
DS1: Soren Darius Khan
DS2: Kyle Joshua Khan
DD3: Noelani Diane Khan
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DH: Sebastian Axel Carter
DW: Alexandra Maya Gray Carter "Alex"DD: Guinevere Niamh Carter "Gwen"
DD: Marina Iris Carter
DS: Elliott Caleb Carter
DS: Rhys Nolan Carter
DD: Evangelina Holly Carter "Eva"--
DD: Guinevere Nimah Carter Jordan "Gwen"
DH: Marco Peter JordanDSD: Vivien Charlotte Jordan
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DH - Gideon Sterling Gray
DW - Linnea Violet TraskDD - Magdalen Alodia Trask
-DH - Jordan Brandt Kyle
-Step-DD - Sigourney LeighDD - Philippa Danae
DS - Theodore Micah
DS - Joshua Ephraim
DD - Alexandria PiperGideon Gray and Linnea Trask - Magda, Pippa, Teddy, Josh, and Alex.
-Jordan Kyle - Sigourney Kyle.
-Magda Trask and Jordan Kyle.
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DH: Adam Scott O'Hara
DW: Nancy Elodie O'Hara (née Rhodes)DD1: Faith Catriona (née O'Hara) Kyle
SO: Finnegan "Finn" Blair Kyle
-DSD: Scarlett Quinn KyleDD2: Florence Aimee O'Hara
DS1: Miles Kieran O'Hara
DS2: Leonardo "Leo" Stefan O'Hara
DD3: Jolene "Jo" Luna O'Hara
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DH: Lorenz Sebastian Beck
DW: Roxana Noor (Morales) BeckDD1: Lara Celine (Beck) West
-DH: Antonín Marco West
--SDD: Vivien Karin WestDD2: Calista Tatiana Beck
DS1: Kieran Ezekiel Beck
DS2: Rhys Leonardo Beck
DD3: Eleonora Phoebe Beck
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H: Reid Ikaia Gray
W: Stella Bethany (Foster) GrayD1: Astra Liliana (Gray) West
+ Benedikt Lumír West
- Sylva Lilien West
D2: Justina Rohese Gray
S1: Evander Flynn Gray
S2: Nolan Rhys Gray
D3: Holly Noelani Gray
Reid & Stella | Astra, Justina, Evander, Nolan, Holly
- Astra + Benedikt | Sylva

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DH: Beckett Indigo Davis
DW: Ellinor Linnea (Lang) DavisDD: Lara Magdalen (Davis) Carter
-DH: Robin Emerich Carter
-DSD: Vivien Nela CarterDD: Thea Florence Davis
DS: Arlo Theodore Davis
DS: Oscar Mordecai Davis
DD: Audrey Pauline Davis
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DH: Axel Lorenz Castle
DW: Aubrey Camille (Bishop) CastleDD: Tessa Chloe Castle
-DW: Vivien Charlotte Lane
--DStepS: Marco Johan Grayson-Lane
DD: Marina Iris Castle
DS: Asher Kieran Castle
DS: Seth Joshua Castle
DD: Phoebe Ivy Castle
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H: Leo Castor Hogan
W: Bellatrix Mira HoganD1: Jasmine Guinevere Hogan
-H: Marco Peter Rider
-StepD: Rozárie Žaneta RiderD2: Thea Faith Hogan
S1: Royce Morgan Hogan
S2: Lance Noah Hogan
D3: Elise Jolene Hogan
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H: Adrian Reid Macleod
W: Ava Leilani IvanovaD1: Hana Raphaela Macleod
-H: Benedikt Antonin West
-D: Irena Karin WestD2: Justine Naomi Macleod
S1: Luca Matthias Macleod
S2: Stefan Rhys Macleod
D3: Daphne Pauline Macleod
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DH: Sebatian Kylian Barnes
DW: Holland Alexandra {Walters} BarnesDD: Cora Naomi Barnes
— DH: Marco Cyril Quinn
— SDD: Michaela Ester QuinnDD: Iris Marina Barnes
DS: Hugh Nathaniel Barnes
DS: Finn Robert Barnes
DD: Ivy Celine Barnes
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I’d recognize the names from the new son’s namebanks anywhere. You threw in some one-off bosses to lead us astray, but I see they’re even separated by continent. (the last one is a mix of newer entries) I’d be right chuffed if one of the next questions had namebanks of plants, minerals, and French fashion labels.DW: Laura Jane Drake
DH: Mitchell Ashley WestDD: Astra Liliana West
SO: Vivien Kamil Khan
-SO’sDD: Irena Ester KhanDD: Larisa Thea West
DS: Kieran Gail West
DS: Frederick Sylvain West
DD: Glory Rosemarie West

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Distant island * Super vehicle * Far away from those needing help * Natural talent * Have a partner or side-kick * Public Identity
Koa Derek ❤️ Keala Ailani
Persephone Evadne "Persy"
Soleil Hana
Royce Emmet
Aran Rhys
Felicity Megan "Felix"[Koa & Keala || Persy, Soleil, Royce, Aran, Felix]⭐️THE STEWART FAMILY
Persephone Evadne "Persy" ❤️ Gray Jordan
Leigh Rose[Persy & Gray || Leigh]
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DH: Lee Beau Hill
DW: Alana Clare Hill (née O'Hara)DD1: Laure Manon Quinn (née Hill)
-DH: Antonín Ondrej Quinn
-DD: Nela Aloisie QuinnDD2: Astra Naomi Hill
DS1: Lancaster Bryn Hill
DS2: Aran Mordecai Hill
DD3: Aline Noelani Hill
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H: Rory Gideon Castle
W: Margo Bridget CastleRory & Margo || Cora, Tessa, Miles, Xavier, and DaphneD1: Cora Naomi Castle
- H: Robin Mirek West
-- SD: Charlotte Irena WestCora & Robin || CharlotteD2: Tessa Fiona Castle
S1: Miles Ezekiel Castle
S2: Xavier Tristan Castle
D3: Daphne Pauline Castle
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DH: Jesse Brian Carter
DW: Jada Ava Hogan
DD1: Lucie Gwen Carter
-DH: Morgan Curry Kane
--DsD: Meredith Morgan Kane
DD2: Celine Stephanie Carter
DS1: Evander Rupert Carter
DS2: Frederick Silas Carter
DD3: Ivy Eleonora Carter
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1C. Exposure to chemicals/radiation/serum/etc. / 2C. Part of a super group / 3A. Secret IdentityH: Atlas Delphinus Castle
W: Bellatrix Talitha O'Hara Castle*D1: Celine Liliana Castle Kane
-H: Emmett Brandt Kane
-StepD: Evelyn Leigh Kane

*D2: Alodia Freda Castle
S1: Darius Calvin Castle
S2: Hayden Joshua Castle
D3: Odette Eleonora Castle

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H: Zachary Beau “Zack” Murdock
W: Isabella Clare “Belle” [Frost] MurdockD: Rose Alodia Murdock
D: Persephone Amalia Murdock
S: Theodore Lewis “Theo” Murdock
S: Stefan Nolan Murdock
D: Piper Audrey Murdock
~~~D: Rose [Murdock] Lane
-H: Benedikt Mirek “Ben” Lane-StepD: Charlotte Aloisie Lane

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DH: Clyde Brody Trask
DW: Lura Mae BarnesDD: Reina Philippa Trask
DD: Thea Florence Trask
DS: Callen Matthias Trask
DS: Arthur Osian Trask
DD: Daphne Pauline Trask***
DD1: Reina Philippa Trask
DH: Ondrej Vendelín KovačDH'sD: Zora Aloisie Kovač*****
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DH: Zion Sage Strange
DW: Alika Remi [Castle] StrangeDD: Reina Danae Strange
-DFiancé: Finnegan Gray Kane
--DFiancé'sDD: Evelyn Madison KaneDD: Florence Justina Strange
DS: Conrad Gail Strange
DS: Erik Saul Strange
DD: Luna Jolene Strange
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DH: Jeremy Harrison Grant Jameson
DW: Gemma Clare [Stacy] JamesonDD: Evadne "Eva" Manon Selena Jameson
-DBf: Benedikt "Ben" Radovan Quinn
-DBf'sDD: Lilien Aloisie QuinnDD: Tatiana "Tati" Jasmine Guinevere Jameson
DS: Damien Nathanael Elliott Jameson
DS: Ephraim Rennac Innes Jameson
DD: Odette Felicity Anastasie Jameson
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DH: Harlan Itai Murdock
DW: Talia Robin [Strange] MurdockDD: Lucie Magdalen Cassidy-Murdock
- DW: Sawyer Quinn Cassidy-Murdock
- DStepS: Jordan Fox Cassidy-BlairDD: Calla Caitriona Murdock
DS: Arlo Morgan Murdock
DS: Sylvain Claude Murdock
DD: Penelope Luna "Penny" MurdockHarlan and Talia with Lucie, Calla, Arlo, Sylvain, and Penny
- Lucie and Sawyer with Jordan
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