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[Surname] Spanish surnames
I'm astonished by the inaccuracies of spelling, and some aren't properly tagged nor have a description. Who is doing all this with that low caring? This web used to be a trustworthy one, I'm worried. Please, be more careful (at least do it for the creators of this project), I could help you with spellings and tagging since I'm Spaniard and I have some understanding recognising a Spanish surname from a Portuguese one (for example) :)« Ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα » — Σωκράτης
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If you are concerned about a main entry name, you can leave a comment on that name or send a message to Mike (the administrator of the site).Anyone can submit a surname on this site, but submitted surnames are marked in the search as well as on their pages (they also won't be linked in the main names). The symbol with the three circles in the top right corner indicates the degree to which these names have been verified. No check marks indicates no verification, three high verification (you can hover your mouse over the symbol for a description of the status).The editing is done by long-time, verified users, but dozens of names get submitted every day, so it can be difficult to catch up. If there are any submitted names in particular you would like fixed, I am willing to help. I don't know much Spanish, but I have a university background in linguistics and am pretty good with research. You can also leave a comment on those pages, name them here, and/or send me personal messages with more details if you want.If you want to become an editor, you can try submitting names which are not on the site yet. If you produce high-quality entries over a long period of time and express interest in becoming an editor to Mike, you will be able to edit any names other people submitted as well.
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