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[Games] 96th Academy Awards CAF - Round 1
I've never done one of these before but I really enjoy when other people post them so I thought I would try one. Each round to be based on a category from the upcoming Academy Awards. In this round, you're naming the parents (or parent, if you want to do a single-parent family). Best Costume DesignPick your favorite costume.Barbie
Killers of the Flower Moon
Poor Things

Barbie: From the top 100 of this list - of the Flower Moon: Things: Use the cast's or characters' names from the film.
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DH: Góyąń Dosoda-hae Hamilton-Innes
DH: Giiwedin Namid Hamilton-InnesGóyąń & Giiwedin Hamilton-Innes
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Sequoyah Redhorse
Inola Clarke
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DH: Harry Matthew McKinnon
DW: Victoria Elaine {Robbie} McKinnon
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Layla Mallory Nicolo & Dorian Blackwell Wilde
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Fun!Blade Heathcliff ❤️ Theda Rose [Blade & Theda]
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DH: Harry Seth Hartnett
DW: Lilli Florence Hartnett (Arnold)
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DH: Phillip Russell Bradshaw
DW: Kathryn Shirley {McLean} Bradshaw
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The Night Family!I was prepping my own "Road to the Oscars" congrats, but I should probably table that for this year. :-PThe Night FamilyH: Norman Oleander Night
W: Jezebel Hero Shelley-Night, "Bel"
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H: Robert Christopher Leslie
W: Jennifer Florence Murphy
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DH: Matthew Jack Pierson 'Matt'
DW: Victoria Elizabeth (Wolfe) Pierson 'Tori'
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SO: Wilde Tanis Oleander [Waddington] McNaddington
SO: Daphne Eris [McNamara] McNaddington
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H: Damien Jasper Gray
W: Ursa Melania [Blackwell] Gray

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Yay!H: Vladimir Nicolo Harcourt
W: Narcissa Amoret Gaines
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I don’t know where we’re supposed to find surnames, so I just used Oppenheimer’s cast’s surnames. For the DW’s surname, I used a character’s surname.DH: Cilian Robert Murphy
DW: Emily Florence Tatlock
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I had the same problem as Story, so I followed their example and picked both Barbie and Poor Things :)*DH: Lucius Heyward Courtney
DW: Morwenna Circe Opaline Wilde
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DH: Pompey Suleiman Scotland
DW: Cyra Hyacintha Dhanraj
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It's so difficult! I got stuck between Barbie and Poor Things, so I did one per parentDW: Diana Christine Bernard
DW: Edwina Bellatrix DreamDiana and Edwina
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