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[Games] 96th Academy Awards CAF - Round 4
Next round is Best Production Design. The award is shared by the production designer and set decorator, who design and fabricate the sets, props, furnishings, and overall visual style of the film. Best Production Design Pick the most impressive design, or the world you'd most want to visit.Barbie

Killers of the Flower Moon



Poor Things
If you picked...Barbie, you get a boy: of the Flower Moon, you get a boy:, you get a girl:, you get a girl: Things, you get a boy:
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DH: Góyąń Dosoda-hae Hamilton-Innes
DH: Giiwedin Namid Hamilton-InnesADD/ADD: Minerva Alice Hamilton-Innes/ Adelaide Florence Hamilton-Innes “Addie”
ADD: Astrid Carmen Hamilton-Innes
ADS: Salem Elijah Hamilton-InnesGóyąń & Giiwedin Hamilton-Innes: Minerva, Addie, Astrid, & Salem
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Sequoyah Redhorse
Inola ClarkeAurelia Florence Redhorse
Cordelia Mabel Redhorse
Penelope Tallulah Redhorse
Hermione Louisa Redhorse
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DH: Harry Matthew McKinnon
DW: Victoria Elaine {Robbie} McKinnonDS: Elias Kayin McKinnon
DD: Silvia Astrid McKinnon
DS: Bram Callahan McKinnon
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Layla Mallory Nicolo & Dorian Blackwell WildeMinerva Emmeline Wilde (twin)
Mabel Cordelia Wilde (twin)
Beatrice Claire Wilde
Remy Raphael Wilde
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Blade Heathcliff ❤️ Theda Rose
Franco Thomas (5)
Venus Jordana (3)
Judah Beau (nb)[Blade & Theda || Franco, Venus, Judah]
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DH: Harry Seth Hartnett
DW: Lilli Florence Hartnett (Arnold)DD/DD: Louisa Clementine “Lulu” / Mabel Florence
DD: Elizabeth Audrey “Bessie”
DS: Jasper Gabriel
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DH: Phillip Russell Bradshaw
DW: Kathryn Shirley {McLean} BradshawDS: Lucas Dylan Bradshaw
DD: Kate Rebecca Bradshaw
DD: Amelia Jane Bradshaw
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DH: Matthew Jack Pierson 'Matt'
DW: Victoria Elizabeth (Wolfe) Pierson 'Tori'DS: Kane Asa Pierson
DD: Violet Norah Pierson
DS: Asher Theo Pierson
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The Night Family!The Night FamilyH: Norman Oleander Night
W: Jezebel Hero Shelley-Night, "Bel"D1 / D2: Cordelia Florence Night, "Dee" / Marjorie Louisa Night, "Jorie"
D3: Harriet Elise Night, "Harri"
S: Balthasar Ishmael Night, "Taz"
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DH: Lucius Heyward Courtney
DW: Morwenna Circe Opaline WildeADS: Asa Hideki Courtney
DD: Pearl Roberta Vivian Courtney
DS: Bram Hollis Courtney
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DH: Cilian Robert Murphy
DW: Emily Florence Tatlock
-DS: Juan Mateo Murphy
-DD1: Gwen Rachel Murphy
-DD2: Pine Zose Murphy
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H: Robert Christopher Leslie
W: Jennifer Florence Murphy
D: Hannah Sophia
D: Astrid Rebecca
S: Dallas Garrett
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DH: Pompey Suleiman Scotland
DW: Cyra Hyacintha Dhanraj
DS: Asa Goku Scotland
DD: Laurel Elizabeth Scotland
DS: Yves Nathaniel Sctoland
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DW: Diana Christine Bernard
DW: Edwina Bellatrix DreamDAC: Tora Dream-Bernard
DAD: Tanya Delta Pearl Dream-Bernard
DAS: Eliseo Oliver Dream-BernardDiana and Edwina with Tora, Tanya, and Eliseo

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H: Vladimir Nicolo Harcourt
W: Narcissa Amoret GainesD/D: Augusta Emmeline Harcourt & Minerva Adelaide Harcourt
D: Cornelia Violet Harcourt
S: Thaddeus Uriah Harcourt
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