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[Games] Medieval Namebank CAF
LN: Occupational DH:
DS: Feel free to add family members Godelina Aceline Magdeline Seely Doll Acilia Ivetta Adelie Dorothie Admiranda Jenephie Affery Elena Aelith Ellemor Ysemay Tetsy Modwynn Alienora Livith Joetta Alina Reyna Thomasse Alsabell Olyff Alwynn Marin Theda Alyth Ismary Tib Sweetlove Amerie Elnore Katharena Appoline Hendina Renilla Arabel Emeline Bay Marcery Bettys Emlyn Rayne Cicilia Clariandra Jennet Margerie Emme Loveday Claricia Contemplation Isemay Odelina Perrin Hitch Adelo Domnic Blaze Child-of-God Eden Thorn Hutchin Ive Wolfstan Pipkin Admiral Parkin Kitel Bonyface Colben Hallet Alcher Esaye Tibbe Bosten Phillip Mace Dodge Colwin Kynsey Hodge Gawin Almer Tomlin Brandwin Hawkin Dannet Pascoe Archebold Leoline Zachrie Godsven Valentyne Branting Rover Dickon Aretius Jackett Bartlet Hick Bennet Cabe Hue Rand
formerly Belphoebe⭐️I am in the mood
to dissolve
in the sky.
- Virginia Woolf
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DH: Wolfstan Aretius Knight
DW: Admiranda Claricia KnightDD: Loveday Adelie Knight
DS: Perrin Bonyface Knight
DS: Phillip Archebold Knight
DD: Arabel Ismary Knight
DD: Marcery Alina Knight
DS: Bennet Valentyne Knight
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DH: Wolfstan Hayward "Wolf"
DW: Alienora Hayward (Brewster)DD: Ysemay Hayward
DS: Wolfstan Hayward "Cub"
DS: Hawkin Hayward "Hawk"
DD: Alsabell Hayward "Sabel"
DD: Aelith Hayward
DS: Leoline Hayward "Leo"

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DH: Gawin Mace Baker
DW: Modwynn Arabel BakerDD: Aceline Tib Baker
DS: Adelo Hawkin Baker
DS: Bartlet Ive Baker
DD: Bay Affery Baker
DD: Cilicia Tetsy Baker
DS: Cabe Hutchin BakerGawin & Modwynn Baker: Aceline, Adelo, Bartlet, Bay, Cilicia, & Cabe
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LN: GlazierDH: Tomlin Phillip
DW: Contemplation EllemorDD: Ivetta Sweetlove
DS: Hawkin Domnic
DS: Perrin Wolfstan
DD: Odelina Dorothie
DD: Cicilia Marin
DS: Bennet Child-of-God
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DH: Hue Bonyface Barber
DW: Clariandra Loveday Fletcher***
DD: Adelie Reyna Barber
DH: Colwin Philip MarshallDD: Rayne Cicilia Marshall
DD: Jennet Arabel Marshall
DS: Philip Hue Marshall
DS: Tomlin Adelo Marshall***
DS: Hawkin Branting Barber
DW: Marin Katharena ChandlerDS: Hodge Branting Barber
DS: Parkin Chandler Barber
DD: Sweetlove Marin "Lovey" Barber***
DS: Bennet Hue Barber
DW: Bettys Marcerie BaxterDS: Wolfstan Hue "Wolf" Barber
DS: Leoline Mace "Leo" Barber***
DD: Elnore Claricia Barber
DH: Admiral Bosten HarperDD: Odelina Emme Harper
DS: Archebold Hue Harper
DD: Admiranda Seely Harper
DD: Claricia Olyff Harper***
DD: Ismary Aelith Barber
DH: Zachrie Alcher CartwrightDD: Livith Alwynn Cartwright
DD: Emlyn Isemay Cartwright
DS: Godsven Hue Cartwright***
DS: Perrin Domnic Barber
DW: Magdeline Renilla CollierDD: Jenephie Aceline Barber
DS: Domnic Pascoe Barber
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DH: Zachrie Colwin Hunter
DW: Elena Ismary [Brewer] HunterDD: Isemay Theda Hunter
DS: Brandwin Hue Hunter
DS: Gawin Wolfstan Hunter
DD: Margerie Bay Hunter
DD: Dorothie Marcery Hunter
DS: Hawkin Bartlet Hunter
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LN: CooperDH: Domnic Perrin
DW: Emlyn Admiranda [Smythe]DD: Katharena Marin
DS: Bennet Phillip
DS: Leoline Blaze
DD: Magdeline Clariandra
DD: Alienora Jennet
DS: Colwin Gawin
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LN: SpencerDH: Perrin Leoline
DW: Ismary SweetloveDD: Godelina Olyff
DS: Eden Thorn
DS: Tomlin Hue
DD: Alina Loveday
DD: Cicilia Dorothie
DS: Valentyne Pascoe
DS: Colben Hodge
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This was fun! I think I need to look into Medieval names more! LN: SlaterDH: Wolfstan Jackett
DW: Katharena Maren
DD: Bay Alwynn
DS: Colben Ive
DS: Hawkin Esaye
DD: Alina Amerie
DD: Arabel Livith
DS: Mace Valentyne
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Thank you! It’s nice to use old names, because there are always some hidden gems to find.
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Thanks for the different name selection. It's fun working with rarer names!DH: Phillip Kynsey Webster
DW: Modwynn Alienora (Cooper) WebsterDD: Arabel Clariandra
DS: Colben Bartlet
DS: Bennet Tomlin
DD: Claricia Margerie
DD: Marin Cicilia
DS: Hawkin Pascoe
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You’re welcome! Although I love names like Noah and Catherine I agree that it can get boring after a while to keep seeing them in the same CAF’s. And with these rare names you never know what you will find!
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thought it'd be fun to do a count-along with how out there some of these names are!DH: Thorn Wolfstan Carpenter
DW: Godelina Dorothie [Weaver] CarpenterDD: Jenephie Alienora Carpenter
DS: Alcher Kynsey Carpenter
DS: Brandwin Godsven Carpenter
DD: Alina Theda Carpenter
DD: Ismary Elnore Carpenter
DS: Dickon Hue CarpenterThorn and Godelina with Jenephie, Alcher, Brandwin, Alina, Ismary, and Dickon
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I love that! Also a reminder to make another count-along-CAF in the future. Thanks!
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Fun names!DH: Valentyne Child-of-God Weaver
DW: Olyff Margerie DwerryhouseDD: Ysemay Jennet Weaver
DS: Adelo Brandwin Weaver
DS: Bonyface Hallet Weaver
DD: Claricia Loveday Weaver
DD: Thomasse Arabel Weaver
DS: Wolfstan Leoline Weaver
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