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[Games] Feb 17: All Boys Count-Along CAF
LN: Your choice
DW:- They have six sons and the sons in turn have three sons each
- Roll a d10 for each name ( When you reach the end of the Namebank continue counting at the beginning.
- You can skip similar names
- The wives initials are alphabetical (AB, CD, EF, GH, IJ, KL, MN) or you can go crazy and count-along their names too!
Iker Atlas Hendrix Knox Leonidas Ford Maxton Lochlan Emmett Boone Huxley Alistair Koa Odin Wesson Achilles Leland Bear Stetson Harlan Remy Thatcher Ace Graeme Colson Diesel Bjorn Noble Callum Zeus Evander Maverick Royce Callahan Remington Boden Gus Steele Corbyn Rhett Ambrose Brooks Jessiah Milo Colt Lazarus Everest Joel Rhys Nikko Enoch Hoyt Jameson Clyde Adonis Easton Kip Gunner Coleson Judah Beaux Stryker Augustus Montgomery Amos Declan Lincoln Ransom Ezra Rex Ephraim Jericho Constantine Gael Huck Porter Leif Linden Ezekiel Leland Thaddeus Colter Franco Rowdy Asa Reed Elias Levi Wade Tucker Desmond Carsten Henry Malcolm Sage Carter Noel Brody Cooper Calvin Cayden Julian Parker Dominic Isaiah Kade Louis George Caleb Slade Gavin Evan Chance Ishmael Joel Martin Mickey Stefan Roy Tanner Elisha Stephen Lawrence Cade Quentin Trenton Brock Broderick Donald Marvin Harold Frankie Clint Stone Scott Colby Jimmy Cecil Casey Melvin Duncan Trent Gary Tommy Bobby Karsten Angus Brent Fidel
formerly Belphoebe⭐️I am in the mood
to dissolve
in the sky.
- Virginia Woolf

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LN: McCloud
DH: Ford Emmett
DW: Ada Beth DS: Koa Harlan
-W: Cleo Daisy
-S: Calvin Dominic
-S: Isaiah Evan
-S: Joel Elisha DS: Noble Callahan
-W: Esme Fern
-S: Lawrence Frankie
-S: Casey Angus
-S: Lochlan Bear DS: Milo Jameson
-W: Gemma Hepzibah
-S: Remy Ace
-S: Callum Maverick
-S: Rhett Lazarus DS: Judah Montgomery
-W: Ivy Jemimah
-S: Rhys Easton
-S: Kip Augustus
-S: Amos Ezra DS: Ephraim Thaddeus
-W: Keziah Lily
-S: Ezekiel Asa
-S: Henry Sage
-S: Julian Louis DS: Levi Carter
-W: Maple Neriah
-S: Chance Stephen
-S: Quentin Scott
-S: Duncan Atlas
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DH: Ford Achilles MurphyFord
DW: Abigail Bethany [Abbott] MurphyAbbyDS: Thatcher Maverick MurphyThatcher
-DW: Cassandra Diana [Bennett] MurphyCassie
-DS: Stefan Broderick MurphySteve
-DS: Stone Tommy MurphyStone
-DS: Iker Alistair MurphyIkeDS: Steele Joel Murphy “Steele”
-DW: Eleanora Faith [Church] MurphyElla
-DS: Stetson Zeus MurphyStetson
-DS: Gus Rhys MurphyGus
-DS: Easton Lincoln MurphyEastonDS: Clyde Montgomery MurphyClyde
-DW: Georgia Helena [Dawson] MurphyGia

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DH: Boone Odin Rider
DW: Ava Beatrice (Bowie) Rider DS1: Graeme Colson Rider
DW: Charlotte Danielle (Laken) Rider 'Charli' DS: Rowdy Asa Rider
DS: Carsten Malcolm Rider
DS: Brody Cayden Rider *
DS2: Callahan Boden Rider 'Cal'
DW: Emma Faith (Rousseau) Rider DS: Parker Dominic Rider
DS: Isaiah Joel Rider
DS: Quentin Brock Rider *
DS3: Rhett Lazarus Rider
DW: Gabrielle Hannah (Truesdale) Rider 'Gabi' DS: Frankie Scott Rider
DS: Duncan Iker Rider
DS: Emmett Alistair Rider *
DS4: Nikko Hoyt Rider
DW: Isla Jade (Lovell) Rider DS: Koa Achilles Rider
DS: Leland Diesel Rider
DS: Remington Milo Rider 'Remy' *
DS5: Easton Gunner Rider
DW: Kaia Lucy (Noe) Rider DS: Rhys Jameson Rider
DS: Judah Beaux Rider
DS: Declan Constantine Rider *
DS6: Ransom Gael Rider
DW: Madison Nicole (Emory) Rider 'Maddie' DS: Leif Ezekiel Rider
DS: Elias Wade Rider 'Eli'
DS: Cooper Louis Rider
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Boone Alistair ❤️ Abby Belle
Koa Achilles
Ace Diesel
Evander Boden
Steel Rhett
Nikko Coleson
Amos Huck [Boone & Abby || Koa, Ace, Evander, Steel, Nikko, Amos]⭐️THE SMITH FAMILY
Koa Achilles ❤️ Casey Dorothy
Linden Asa
Henry Calvin
Caleb Slade[Koa & Casey || Linden, Henry, Caleb]
Ace Diesel ❤️ Emory Faith “Emmy”
Tanner Trenton
Frankie Scott
Melvin Gary “Vinnie”[Ace & Emmy || Tanner, Frankie, Vinnie]
Evander Boden ❤️ Georgia Hannah
Angus Knox
Odin Harlan
Graeme Royce[Evander & Georgia || Angus, Odin, Graeme]
Steel Rhett ❤️ Ida Juniper
Rhett Brooks
Hoyt Judah
Stryker Ephraim[Steel & Ida || Rhett, Hoyt, Stryker]
Nikko Coleson ❤️ Kit Lucinda
Leif Rowdy
Wade Noel
Julian Gavin “Jules”[Nikko & Kit || Leif, Wade, Jules]
Amos Huck ❤️ Mariah Nellie
Martin Brock
Harold Jimmy
Cecil Fidel [Amos & Mariah || Martin, Harold, Cecil]
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DH: Ford Boone
DW: Ace BobbyDS: Stetson Callum
- DW: Casey Denise
- DS: Constantine Gael
- DS: Leif Ezekiel
- DS: Franco AsaDS: Evander Callahan
- DW: Elisha Freya
- DS: Reed Levi
- DS: Tucker Henry
- DS: Parker ChanceDS: Ambrose Milo
- DW: G H
- DS: Roy Stephen
- DS: Frankie Clint
- DS: Colby KarstenDS: Everest Hoyt
- DW: I J
- DS: Atlas Maxton
- DS: Odin Graeme
- DS: Callahan MiloDS: Clyde Gunner
- DW: K L
- DS: Lazarus Adonis
- DS: Kip Amos
- DS: Lincoln HuckDS: Lincoln Jericho
- DW: M N
- DS: Porter Rowdy
- DS: Malcolm Brody
- DS: Isaiah KadeFord and Ace with Stetson, Evander, Ambrose, Everest, Clyde, and
- Stetson and Casey with Constantine, Leif, and Franco
- Evander and E with Reed, Tucker, and Parker
- Ambrose and G with Roy, Frankie, and Colby
- Everest and I with Atlas, Odin, and Callahan
- Clyde and K with Lazarus, Kip, and Lincoln
- Lincoln and M with Porter, Malcolm, and Isaiah
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