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[Games] Palestinian Family CAF
Haven't done one of these in a while, but I love learning about different cultural naming conventions and thought it would be fun to make one! This might become a series of CAFS from different countries and cultures using their naming conventions. I am not from these cultures, so please have grace if I make mistakes!This CAF's family are Palestinian, so their names will be formatted as: personal name/father's name/paternal grandfather's name. Wives will keep their "surnames" (paternal grandfather's names), and children will not take their parents' "surnames". I hope this isn't too confusing, and have fun!DH: Ashraf Hussein Adnan Mahdi Talal Mamoun Radwan Fares Nader
DW: Souad Nidal Fathia Jihan Salama / Samih Ismail Majed Yassin Murad / Amin Khader Louay Waseem AzharDD1: Rani Lamis Kawthar Hayat Inas / DH's first name / DH's middle name
DS1: Iftikhar Wadid Saif Nazim Taleb / DH's first name / DH's middle name
DS2: Faroud Ammar Haytham Samer Hossam / DH's first name / DH's middle name
DD2: Asmaa Nasreen Fatimah Hanan Wissam / DH's first name / DH's middle name***DD1:
DH: Zaher Atef Suhail Badr Karam Zain Imtiaz Farouk Qasim TawfiqDD: Elham Noha Ihsan Nazira Haidar / DH's first name / DH's middle name
DD: Latifa Dalal Aziza Kholoud Zainab / DH's first name / DH's middle name
DS: Ramadan Naeem Fathi Ghassan Abdullah / DH's first name / DH's middle name***DS1:
DW: Basma Najah Hoda Ibtisam Alaa / Sami Khaled Yousef Raed Yacoub / Fayez Waleed Kamel Zakaria KhamisDS: Rafiq Adham Ishaq Sultan Sabri / DS1's first name / DS1's middle name
DS: Anis Mujahid Hilal Shafiq Lotfi / DS1's first name / DS1's middle name
DS: Rabah Yassin Rabie Dia Atta / DS1's first name / DS1's middle name
DS: Zaher Mounir Ammar Salem Majed / DS1's first name / DS1's middle name***DS2:
DW: Maazouza Bushra Ayat Faten Nawal / Osman Ziad Iyad Ali Abdel / Omar Bilal Essam Fathi BashirDS: Amr Karim Sayed Makhram Aziz / DS2's first name / DS2's middle name
DD: Ayesha Khawtar Shaimaa Hikmat Wesal / DS2's first name / DS2's middle name***DD2:
DH: Massoud Fahd Malik Faisal Naji Younis Salam Fares Sherif RiadDD: Arafat Farida Nermin Badia Lamis / DH's first name / DH's middle name
DD: Janan Donia Maram Jihan Abla / DH's first name / DH's middle name
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DH: Fares Adnan Hussein
DW: Fathia Murad WaseemDD1: Hayat Fares Adnan
DS1: Iftikhar Fares Adnan
DS2: Samer Fares Adnan
DD2: Nasreen Fares AdnanFares & Fathia: Hayat, Iftikhar, Samer, & Nasreen
DD1: Hayat Fares Adnan
DH: Farouk Suhail KaramDD: Elham Farouk Suhail
DD: Kholoud Farouk Suhail
DS: Abdullah Farouk SuhailHayat & Farouk: Elham, Kholoud, & Abdullah
DS1: Iftikhar Fares Adnan
DW: Hoda Raed ZakariaDS: Adham Iftikhar Fares
DS: Hilal Iftikhar Fares
DS: Rabah Iftikhar Fares
DS: Salem Iftikhar FaresIftikhar & Hoda: Adham, Hilal, Rabah, & Salem
DS2: Samer Fares Adnan
DW: Faten Ziad FathiDS: Aziz Samer Fares
DD: Ayesha Samer FaresSamer & Faten: Aziz & Ayesha
DD2: Nasreen Fares Adnan
DH: Faisal Sherif MassoudDD: Arafat Faisal Sherif
DD: Donia Faisal SherifNasreen & Faisal: Arafat & Donia
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DH: Adnan Hussein Fares (60)
DW: Nidal Samih Waseem (59)DD1: Hayat Adnan Hussein (33)
DS1: Nazim Adnan Hussein (31)
DS2: Samer Adnan Hussein (28)
DD2: Fatimah Adnan Hussein (26)Adnan & Nidal; Hayat, Nazim, Samer, and Fatimah***
DD1: Hayat Adnan Hussein (33)
DH: Suhail Karam Tawfiq (34)DD: Ihsan Suhail Karam (8)
DD: Zainab Suhail Karam (5)
DS: Fathi Suhail Karam (4)Hayat & Suhail; Ihsan, Zainab, and Fathi***
DS1: Nazim Adnan Hussein (31)
DW: Ibtisam Khaled Fayez (25)DS: Rafiq Nazim Adnan (6)
DS: Hilal Nazim Adnan (4)
DS: Yassin Nazim Adnan (1)
DS: Zaher Nazim Adnan (exp)Nazim & Ibtisam; Rafiq, Hilal, Yassin, and Zaher

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DH: Ashraf Radwan Nader
DW: Jihan Majed WaseemDD: Hayat Ashraf Radwan
— DH: Zaher Suhail Tawfiq
— DD: Nazira Zaher Suhail
— DD: Zainab Zaher Suhail
— DS: Abdullah Zaher SuhailDS: Taleb Ashraf Radwan
— DW: Alaa Yousef Fayez
— DS: Rafiq Taleb Ashraf
— DS: Mujahid Taleb Ashraf
— DS: Yassin Taleb Ashraf
— DS: Zaher Taleb AshrafDS: Samer Ashraf Radwan
— DW: Faten Ali Essam
— DS: Sayed Samer Ashraf
— DD: Ayesha Samer AshrafDD: Asmaa Ashraf Radwan
— DH: Faisal Naji Massoud
— DD: Farida Faisal Naji
— DD: Maram Faisal Naji
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DH: Ashraf Adnan Fares
DW: Jihan Majed Waseem

DD1: Hayat Ashraf Adnan
DS1: Iftikhar Ashraf Adnan
DS2: Samer Ashraf Adnan
DD2: Wissam Ashraf Adnan
DH: Zaher Zain Atef
DD: Elham Zaher Zain
DD: Kholoud Zaher Zain
DS: Naeem Zaher Zain ***
DW: Najah Raed Waleed
DS: Adham Iftikhar Ashraf
DS: Anis Iftikhar Ashraf
DS: Atta Iftikhar Ashraf
DS: Ammar Iftikhar Ashraf ***
DW: Ayat Ali Bilal
DS: Karim Samer Ashraf
DD: Khawtar Samer Ashraf ***
DH: Massoud Malik Naji
DD: Nermin Massoud Malik
DD: Abla Massoud Malik
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H: Ashraf Hussein Talal
W: Nidal Majed LouayD1: Hayat Ashraf Hussein
S1: Saif Ashraf Hussein
S2: Ammar Ashraf Hussein
D2: Fatimah Ashraf Hussein***D1: Hayat
H: Zain Farouk ZaherD1: Nazira Zain Farouk
D2: Zainab Zain Farouk
S: Naeem Zain Farouk***S1: Saif
W: Hoda Yousef WaleedS1: Sabri Saif Ashraf
S2: Anis Saif Ashraf
S3: Yassin Saif Ashraf
S4: Salem Saif Ashraf***S2: Ammar
W: Nawal Osman BashirS: Sayed Ammar Ashraf
D: Ayesha Ammar Ashraf***D2: Fatimah
H: Fares Riad FahdD1: Farida Fares Riad
D2: Donia Fares Riad
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DH: Hussein Mamoun Talal
DW: Salama Majed AzharDD1: Rani Hussein Mamoun
DS1: Taleb Hussein Mamoun
DS2: Faroud Hussein Mamoun
DD2: Nasreen Hussein Mamoun***DD1: Rani Hussein Mamoun
DH: Zaher Suhail KaramDD: Noha Zaher Suhail
DD: Aziza Zaher Suhail
DS: Ramadan Zaher Suhail***DS1: Taleb Hussein Mamoun
DW: Basma Yousef Fayez DS: Rafiq Hussein Mamoun
DS: Mujahid Hussein Mamoun
DS: Yassin Hussein Mamoun
DS: Salem Hussein Mamoun***DS2: Faroud Hussein Mamoun
DW: Ayat Osman Bilal DS: Karim Hussein Mamoun
DD: Ayesha Hussein Mamoun***DD2: Nasreen Hussein Mamoun
DH: Malik Massoud SherifDD: Nermin Massoud Sherif
DD: Abla Massoud Sherif
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DH: Fares Nader Talal
DW: Jihan Murad AzharDD1: Inas Fares Nader
DS1: Nazim Fares Nader
DS2: Samer Fares Nader
DD2: Nasreen Fares Nader***DD1: Inas Fares Nader
DH: Qasim Suhail ZaherDD: Nazira Qasim Suhail
DD: Dalal Qasim Suhail
DS: Naeem Qasim Suhail***DS1: Nazim Fares Nader
DW: Basma Sami KhamisDS: Sabri Nazim Fares
DS: Hilal Nazim Fares
DS: Yassin Nazim Fares
DS: Ammar Nazim Fares***DS2: Samer Fares Nader
DW: Nawal Ziad BashirDS: Makhram Samer Fares
DD: Shaimaa Samer Fares***DD2: Nasreen Fares Nader
DH: Faisal Malik SherifDD: Farida Faisal Malik
DD: Janan Faisal Malik
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DH: Talal Mamoun Hussein
DW: Souad Samih LouayDD1: Kawthar Talal Mamoun
DS1: Saif Talal Mamoun
DS2: Haytham Talal Mamoun
DD2: Hanan Talal Mamoun***DD1: Kawthar Talal Mamoun
DH: Suhail Tawfiq Badr DD: Elham Suhail Tawfiq
DD: Kholoud Suhail Tawfiq
DS: Naeem Suhail Tawfiq ***DS1: Saif Talal Mamoun
DW: Ibtisam Raed Zakaria DS: Sabri Saif Talal
DS: Lotfi Saif Talal
DS: Dia Saif Talal
DS: Salem Saif Talal***DS2: Haytham Talal Mamoun
DW: Maazouza Ali Bashir DS: Aziz Haytham Talal
DD: Hikmat Haytham Talal ***DD2: Hanan Talal Mamoun
DH: Fahd Naji Fares DD: Nermin Fahd Naji
DD: Abla Fahd Naji
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DH: Adnan Mahdi Mamoun
DW: Salama Murad AzharDD1: Rani Adnan Mahdi
DS1: Nazim Adnan Mahdi
DS2: Ammar Adnan Mahdi
DD2: Asmaa Adnan Mahdi***DD1: Rani Adnan Mahdi
DH: Zaher Zain FaroukDD: Ihsan Zaher Zain
DD: Aziza Zaher Zain
DS: Abdullah Zaher Zain***DS1: Nazim Adnan Mahdi
DW: Basma Yousef ZakariaDS: Sabri Nazim Adnan
DS: Hilal Nazim Adnan
DS: Rabah Nazim Adnan
DS: Mounir Nazim Adnan
***DS2: Ammar Adnan Mahdi
DW: Ayat Osman BilalDS: Karim Ammar Adnan
DD: Ayesha Ammar Adnan***DD2: Asmaa Adnan Mahdi
DH: Faisal Massoud MalikDD: Badia Faisal Massoud
DD: Maram Faisal Massoud
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DH: Ashraf Mamoun Fares
DW: Souad Ismail KhaderDD1: Rani Ashraf Mamoun
DS1: Saif Ashraf Mamoun
DS2: Haytham Ashraf Mamoun
DD2: Nasreen Ashraf Mamoun
DD1: Rani Ashraf Mamoun
DH: Imtiaz Tawfiq Atef
DD: Haidar Imtiaz Tawfiq
DD: Aziza Imtiaz Tawfiq
DS: Fathi Imtiaz Tawfiq
DS1: Saif Ashraf Mamoun
DW: Ibtisam Raed Waleed
DS: Sabri Saif Ashraf
DS: Lotfi Saif Ashraf
DS: Atta Saif Ashraf
DS: Mounir Saif Ashraf
DS2: Haytham Ashraf Mamoun
DW: Maazouza Abdel Essam
DS: Karim Haytham Ashraf
DD: Wesal Haytham Ashraf
DD2: Nasreen Ashraf Mamoun
DH: Sherif Younis Faisal
DD: Farida Sherif Younis
DD: Donia Sherif Younis
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DH: Ashraf Talal Fares
DW: Jihan Samih AzharDD1: Hayat Ashraf Talal
DS1: Saif Ashraf Talal
DS2: Haytham Ashraf Talal
DD2: Nasreen Ashraf TalalAshraf and Jihan with Hayat, Saif, Haytham, and Nasreen***DD1: Hayat Ashraf Talal
DH: Zaher Qasim ImtiazDD: Elham Zaher Qasim
DD: Dalal Zaher Qasim
DS: Ghassan Zaher QasimHayat and Zaher with Elham, Dalal, and Ghassan***DS1: Saif Ashraf Talal
DW: Alaa Khaled WaleedDS: Ishaq Saif Ashraf
DS: Hilal Saif Ashraf
DS: Rabah Saif Ashraf
DS: Ammar Saif AshrafSaif and Alaa with Ishaq, Hilal, Rabah, and Ammar***DS2: Haytham Ashraf Halal
DW: Nawal Iyad OmarDS: Amr Haytham Ashraf
DD: Khawtar Haytham AshrafHaytham and Nawal with Amr and Khawtar***DD2: Nasreen Ashraf Talal
DH: Salam Sherif Massoud DD: Lamis Salam Sherif
DD: Maram Salam SherifNasreen and Salam with Lamis and Maram
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