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[Opinions] Writing...
Maybe this should instead be posted in the Writers Section but I just thought I'd ask your opinions on these character names and what kind of person you think they may be by names alone, also do you think any of the mns should change?Phoebe Diana Adams(Deceased)
Justine Rosalie Turner(Sister)
Donny Phillip Turner (Brother)
Grant Derek Bailey
Hayley Carolynne Richmonds
Scott Trevor Rogers (Father)
Lucas Russell Rogers (Son)
Leah Emille Underwood
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I like:Justine (as a mn)
Grant (my fiance's name)
Hayley (my daughter's name)
Scott (as a mn)
Emilie (prefer Emily)Mum to Hayley Anne ;)
D.O.B: 8th October,2004
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