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[Facts] pronouncing Anika/Annika the Slovak/Czech way
In the archives, I found several postings regarding how people would pronounce the name "Annika" in Scandanavia or the US. Supposedly, "Anika" is also Czech/Slovak and I would like to know how this name would be pronounced in those nations. AH-knee-kah or AH-ni-kah? Thanks!
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ANIKA: AH-nick-ah or UN-ick-ah (slovak+czech). Maybe some Czechs would pronounce it AHN-yi-kah.
ANNIKA: The same way as Anika. Double N is not so clear as in finnish or swedish way of pronunciation.
It's nn for Anna, but not too common I think. I like it with double N.
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in czech Anika is pronounced anyika and true it's not very common in czechoslovakia maybe you mean Anicka pronounced Anichka
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