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[Opinions] Ethan?
WDYT? I have a DD named Erinn.... too close for siblings. That's why we scratched Owen from our list... too close to Erinn in sound.
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I think siblings with the same first initial is a bit cutesy, but in sound alone I don't think they are too similar, no. Be aware, though, that Ethan's popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. I work in a NICU and we've had about 10 Ethans in the last year. :-/
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I adore Ethan. But I really loathe siblings with the same intial. However, you really like it, then that shouldnt matter. I dont think they are too close for siblings, same intial, but different sounds. Kind of like my brothers, Shawn and Scott...same intial but different sounds. I think it works.~~Kris~~
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I like Ethan and I might consider this for a future son :)Cassie Anne (not Cassandra!)
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