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[Opinions] Liam and Ethan
my sister just had twin boys yesterday =] and she named them Liam Charles and Ethan Declan, wdyt?
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Liam and Ethan are great names, I love both of them. Charles and Declan aren't my style though. I'd prefer Liam Declan and Ethan Charles. I don't like the double 'an" ending of Ethan Declan.
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Liam Charles is nice and Ethan is OK. I don't like Declan. Congratulations to you and your sister!
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Ooh, I wish she had gone with Liam and Declan! ;-) Seriously, they're not bad as a set. Ethan isn't really my style but it's still a good, strong classic.Congrats!
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I like bith first names. ;)
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Liam Charles makes a great combination! It sounds so handsome imo :-) And I really like both names.Ethan Declan doesn't flow very well imo, and neither name is really my style.Congrats to your sister!!!
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LOVE love love love love! Kudos to your sister for picking fantastic names!
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Liam Charles is rather dashing :) Ethan is very nice too.

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I love Liam & Ethan. Woo hoo =DStephie.'Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.' Proverbs 4:23
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I think Liam Charles is nice as well as Ethan but I don't think Ethan Declan flows well at all. Congradts anyway!
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