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[Opinions] Ethan???
My husband likes this name! what do you think?
My last nam is Klejn so... Ethan Klejn? Does it sound good?
or maybe Etan? Ethan or Etan?
Any suggastions for a middle name?
What about shortieee...Etie [pron like ET]?
is there enyone of this name?
waiting for any response...
PS whife of Ralph and mum of Alan
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Ethan Daniel
Ethan Brock
Ethan Grant
Ethan Karl
Ethan Joshua
Ethan Jett
Ethan Jacob
Ethan Michael
Ethan Bradley
Ethan JamesCassie Anne (not Cassandra!)
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I like Ethan alot.
Ethan Klejn sounds fine.
I wouldn't go with Etan, stick with Ethan.
Ethan Alexander
Ethan Nicholas
Ethan William
Ethan James
Ethan Christopher
Ethan Nikolai
Ethan Matthew
Ethan Nathaniel
Ethan Jeremiah
Ethan Gabriel
Ethan Henry
Ethan Parker
Ethan Samuel
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In the U.S. it is a very, very common name that I'm tired of seeing. Plus it makes me think of ethanol.I don't know how common it is in U.K. though.
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I'm not sure where you're from, but I wouldn't go with Etan. In the U.K., it just sounds like Eton (world famous prep school, so there's class issues there) and in the States it would just sound like "eatin'." That's my two cents, anyway. Not a huge fan of Ethan, but there's nothing "wrong" with it.
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we are Polish living in UK. We like Ethan beter but i thought that maybe for the famili in poland it would be easier to spell without th's not an issiu :-)thx for a replyanna
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I see your point! It was just a thought :-)
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