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[Facts] Hungarian name SZOLTAN
Any Hungarians around who can tell me the meaning and maybe some of the history of this name? Looks a bit like Sultan to me ...
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I'm not Hungarian, but I would say this is just a variant of Zoltan. Zoltan would be SHOL-tan in Hungarian, but Sz is pr. like "s".Surrealism is the magical surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe where you were sure of finding shirts - Frida Kahlo
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I am trying to help although I'm not Hungarian also.I suppose there are two Hingarian names:-> SZOLTAN (heard as SOL-tan) from Turkish Sultan (supreme ruler, emperor).-> ZOLTAN (heard as ZOL-tan) borrowed from Slavonic (Bulgarian) ZLATAN coming from the word "zlato" meaning "gold". One may suppose that the Hungarian ZOLTAN is borrowed from Polish ZLOTAN (also coming from the Polish word for gold) but I have never heard such a Polish (or Russian) name. At the same time, the Bulgarian name ZLATAN is as often as the Hungarian ZOLTAN.Probably, there is confusion in the database here.
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