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[Facts] Portuguese, anyone?
Hi! My daughter knows a nine-year-old girl with a Portuguese father and South African English mother. The child goes by her first name, which we assumed from the sound was Zhou-Zhou but it turns out that it's actually Juju. Not a nickname, apparently, or if it is, it was given to her as a full and official name. The family go in for exotic names - there are teenage cousins called Mischa (girl) and Navarre (boy) - but this one has got me baffled. Anyone got any suggestions?All the best from globally warmed South Africa
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Perhaps from the French "joujou" (little toy)?
Or the African Juju (akin to voo-doo)?
Lennon once sang about "Juju Eyeballs," gotta blame Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds for that.
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The afflicted child claims that she was named after Jesus! (A long way after, in my view.) And we don't have juju in my corner of Africa - the bottom, pointy one; not by that name anyway. Joujou would fit her family ... and aren't the Juju Eyeballs from Come Together? The one about the guru who's gotta be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see? Thanks for reminding me about two good songs; spare a thought for my colleagues, who will be hearing them whistled for some hours ...All the best
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