Help please with surname "Spencer-Hayes".
Can anyone give me any information at all on the English surname "Spencer-Hayes" such as:

It's origins, when it was first used, what it means. Many thanks.
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For SPENCER go to the data base and check.
For HAYER I’ve got:
“Dweller by the brushwood” (from Old English HÆS), Heise is from Old French “heis” (brushwood)
This is taken from the Oxford Dictionary of Surnames, 1997

Andy ;—)
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The Hayes part may derive from the place-name Hayes, near London. Meaning, I guess, "brushwood", as already given.
But take care! Many of the surname Hayes are of Irish origin, it being used as a substitute for the Irish O hAodha (O Hea).
However I suspect the enquirer is looking for a family history. Wrong website.
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No I'm not looking for a family history just interested in it's origins etc. as it's a name in my family.
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