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Subject: Re: Puta
Author: Getb   (guest)
Date: November 17, 2004 at 6:32 PM
Reply to: Re: Puta by Jim Young

Personally, althought I suggested that possibility, I doubt that in any of it's variant the word "Puta" as in "slut" originated the surname "Putin" unless one takes any of the following positions: was an insult given to a family whose cultural differences seemed "far to lascivious" for those who employed it upon the insulted ones; was not understood as an insult for it was given to a family of hierodules (priestly courtesans; priestesses) or 3.they where the ones who used it to call someone else by this name but this backfired as those so-called thought that word so important to them that they used it as an emblem for those who employed it... And... You know what? That speculation is far to forced into... So... I would go back into the older meanings ("little baby" which might have been an euphemistic apelative for sluts in the same way that old sluts which are retired as such but work as pimps are called "matronas" in a very maternal[-like] sense), foreign (Russian) meanings and similiarly named deites (the god/godess Puto).

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