Subject: Re: Origin of Lekic?
Author: Robert Lekich   (guest)
Date: November 21, 2004 at 4:50 PM
Reply to: Origin of Lekic? by Lucille


My origins regarding Lekic(h)stem from my father, who was born in what is now the town of Neresine on the island of Losinj in what is now Croatia. When he was born, the island was ruled by the Austrian,/Hungarian Empire. It later became part of Italy, then Yugoslavia and now Croatia. Prior to Austria Hungey, it was ruled for hundreds of years by the Venitians.However prior to that it was a slavic area.
Some information taht I have, although not completely verified is that the Lekic's settled in Neresine in the sixteeth century and those who settled there originally came from the area that we now call Bosnia.
I have heard, and this may just be unverified fokllore, that the name of Lekic(the h was added in America to make pronunciation easier)originate from a man with one name , who was calle Leka. The ic was added to indicate that the person bearing the name of Lekkic was the son of Lek, Thus all Lekich's are sons of Lek, no matter where they now reside. Obvioulsy this needs to be researced more thoroughly. Where Leka lived I don't know. It could have been in any one of the provices that comprised the former Yugoslavia or possibly even elsewhere.

Woluld be happy to entertain any comments or questions


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