Surname Meaning -Laverman
I am seeking the meaning of the surname Laverman. I am a writer and use the letters of peoples names as a launching pad to praise the Lord and am presently seeking the meaning behind Laverman. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a sampling of what I do.
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Laverman is a Dutch surname. According to it is either a professional surname or a toponymic one. It doesn't give more info than that. The toponymic one i can't understand, but it probably would be a 'man from Laver'. But where is Laver? Is it a corruption of the French Le Havre? I don't know. I'll try to find that out later.

The occupational surname Laverman leaves me a better chance to understand. I used the dictionary to look up the verb laveren , which has three meanings. One of them is 'to tack' (a sail term) and the other two are 'to stagger, to reel, to totter' and 'to steer a middle way, to tack, to navigate'. The latter two in my opinion are just derivations from the first one (they are just in a way metaphores for a person's actions and behaviour).
Thus, Laverman as an occupational surname would probably mean a person responsable of this task, i.e. tacking (the one at the steer, thus like 'steerman').
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I can't find Lavermann, but there is LEVERMANN in Germany. This is from Liebermann ("nice person", "dear man")

Andy ;—)
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