Some surnames
My mothers maiden name is Turley, and i am pretty sure it is English, because that is where my family live. Another surname i was curious about was POILE. Accordeing to Family legend, my Great Great Great Grandmother was an unmarried French woman, who had my Great Great Grandfather out of wedlock. If she was French, would she pass her surname on to him. (Im my family's past there seems to be many unmarried women with children born out of wedlock!!!)

Any information would be greatful

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There is a Turley in my Irish name book and it looks like it may have some relevance may ultimately be from the Vikings, meaning "Thor-like" and therefore be found throughout the British Isles.

The closest I can find on my French translation site is "Poil" which seems to mean "hair or beard" guess, if it is indeed related, is a name derived from a personal description of an ancestor ...

Sorry I can do ...I'm a bit rusty ...been away for awhile ...
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