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For the given name MIRABELLE:

MIRABELLI looks Italian to me, so Italians should help here.
In French (and German) "mirabelle" is a small yellow plum, the etymology of which is uncertain. I looked it up in an online dictionary and it says, it is also Italian (mirabella), so this may be useful too.

The fruit may have its name from a French place-name. Or else from Greek "myrobálanos" which originally denotes the fruit of a certain aok tree (spice oak? maybe Pavlos knows) and later transfered to the yellow fruit.

Andy ;—)
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Both Mirabelli and Mirabella should come from names of places spread especially in Southern Italy.
There are at least two municipalities called Mirabella: one near CATANIA and the other not far from Naples.
Mirabelli is common especially in CALABRIA and Mirabella in Sicily.
The surname Mirabella is popular around Italy because of a journalist
who deals about health problems on TV (sunday evening).

see: (diffusion of the surnames)
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The french surnames too has the same meaning and origin of Mirabelli and Mirabella in Italy.
It is a composed word where "mira" means "to look at".

See the french surnames: Mirabel - Mirabelle - Mirabeau
French site:
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