Could anyone explain me the following surnames:


Thanks for your help.
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Nandino may mean "little Nando" Nando is a short form of the first name Fernando + the diminutive suffix -ino.Ricon may derived from the Spanish word 'ricon' meaning "little space", perhaps a "dweller in a small space, someone with a small amount of land".Rini is a little harder to find out about, possibly Italian, again possibly a short form of names ending in -rini. ??? Sorry.---------------------------------------
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Although it looks Spanish, this name is in fact Southern French (Occitan). Seguela is a variant of Segala which is locative. It means a place where "seigle" grows. My French dictionary tells me that seigle means "spurred rye", but I'm not much wiser. A type of grass I suppose.
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NESTLEOf course everybody knows the brand - but the name is not very common in Germany. My book on German surnames only has NESTLER:

From Middle High German "nestel" (lace or ribbon). So a "Nestler" would have been someone who made "nestels", either from leather or other material.

Andy ;—)
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