The surnames Dafter and Davter
Could anyone explain me the meaning of these surnames please?
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With regard to Dafter as an English surname, Paul Reaney explains it as a variant of Daughters, but is unable to give a meaning for this name. He tentatively suggests that it denotes descent from an heirees, a daughter who inherited the estate of a family without a male heir.
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I am related to the DAFTER family. I understand most early dafters 1750-1900 were papermakers. I believe this name somehow relates to a process within the papermaking trade viz Invybridge, Devon, kent, Wales. I have also seen Pauls Reaney explanation but I have no idea whether thats true or false. I have also seen DAFTER on a census site reflecting german ancestry. I also understand that somewhere between 1500-1700 papermakers game to England,s o could have come from there!PS John with a name like DAFTER we must be related!
PS2 Where did you get Davter, never seen that one, but have seen other spellings like Daster Dotter etc etc, but not a link to Baxter or Dexter
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